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Since I don’t see a general comment section, or public comment to all–I chose your post to place this comment.

First–I don’t find this Social Tension Advice, to be helpful on several fronts. First–when you are attacked with any measure of force in which you reasonably fear for your life, you have the right to defend yourself with deadly force. As a 70 year old man with a disability, I do not intend to “go to the ground” and wrestle or fight with a young man attacking me wearing baggy clothes in which he can conceal a knife, a baton, a gun, or any other potential deadly weapon. When I am minding my own business and am attacked with potential deadly force by a violent terrorist, I will defend myself with deadly force. If my 75 year old wife is attacked by violent terrorist, I will defend her with deadly force. No emotion, no fear–just reasonable actions when attacked. When terrorist attack, whether it’s a Jihadist, Antifa, BLM, or just a gang of thugs–you have a God given right to defend yourself with the appropriate level of force. This appeasement “go to ground” psychology with terrorist is just plain wrong.


We’re looking art at a full out INSURRECTION. This is far more serious than “when social tension spikes.” Black Lives Matter is an umbrella organization for marxist-leninist handlers to overthrow our government and capitalism. When at the outset you both reiterate your support of the right to demonstrate (based on the First Amendment) this really skirts the issue. There’s no way to sugar coat the likelihood that warrior patriots like yourselves may in the not too distant future find yourselves going “tactical” in order to preserve our way of life. In the meantime, please don’t compare these “useful idiots” (a marxist-leninist term for the liberals who will be liquidated after their revolution) to yourself as a young grade school child getting into mischief.


Roger that. Roger all.

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Not firearms though, and if they do, it’s very, very limited coverage.

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Excellent Clyde. Just excellent.

Hi Clyde,
Wish we lived near each other 'cause I’d like to meet you.
Your questions are/were the very things I wonder & worry about. I live in Missouri where, at least, we Do have the
Castle Doctrine/Law as do many other states but after what
that demoncrap prosecutor did (and is Still doing) to the Mčloskey Husband/Wife team I am fearful of using my own
Second Amendment rights even here in Missouri.
I don’t feel the video answered anything I didn’t already know!
Take Care,

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Les –

Thanks for your thoughts. We’re living in very confusing times. I upgraded my membership in USCCA to platinum so I could access the lawyers’ sections that you don’t get with the basic membership. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get to them in detail yet. I believe they will be helpful. I’m grateful for the USCCA insurance, and their customer service, magazine and training are [usually] quite good – as good as anything elsewhere. They are just a bit sales oriented, but given the service they provide, I think it’s probably necessary, and if the folks at the top of the business side are making a good living at this, it’s OK by me. They provide a pretty unique service and insurance policy.

They are also extremely persistent in making sure that if anyone ever has to make that call for a USCCA lawyer, that USCCA has done their level best to make sure that the person “did it right” – which is a daunting proposition since there are so many possible ways in which situations might play out.

I greatly appreciate their emphasis on constant situational awareness, and on NOT going to places or being involved in things that might result in having to defend ones self. And on the training side so if things just can’t be avoided, one has the best chance of survival possible. After which comes an inescapable aftermath – being pilloried by your community (many of us live in such communities) and/or being the victim of further violence by the bad guy’s family, associates, or these days, the mob response to an terrible situation that no one would have desired – but which was forced upon the person defending themselves.

I’ll keep your email handy, and when I get to the answers to the questions we’re asking (I think we’re asking the same thing, and I think there is some additional info that USCCA will provide) I’ll pass it your way. Please feel free to nudge my email elbow in a couple of weeks.

One of the problems for any legal opinion though, is that every state will have a different take on defending person or property – some will forbid defending property entirely, and if you place yourself in a “have to shoot” position… for PROPERTY, you may be bound for jail time and/or murder (at least manslaughter) charges that you could not escape. One would be alive, but in prison. A better than dead option, but a very very tough one for one of us the “good guys” – I’ve had some interesting training over the years, and my conclusion is that I would not do well in prison. If available, I might have to request solitary in order to survive [if that would even be an option] – but years in solitary are VERY difficult… but again, based on training and experience I think I’d survive that and not the general prison population. (No jail time or convictions of any kind or anything like that in my life – just interesting training and experiences).

I believe my faith in God would sustain me, but I don’t think I have any illusions about the experience. That faith is a whole other discussion – I’d be glad to have it as that faith has been made real to me through the gospel of the messiah Jesus. I think that particular faith is a sound and rational conclusion and response with regard to life and the universe, although faith is still required. It’s a good news, bad news, amazingly great news story. (Any time – Happy to discuss).

So – we stay as alert as we can, stay as far from any kind of trouble as we can, and we pray that if we ever have to defend our families or ourselves from death or maiming, we’ll do just the right thing all the way through… whatever that might be. And we train.

Best regards,

  • Clyde

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Thank You for this message Clyde👍

I was raised Southern Baptist but left that

Organization due to it’s rigidity, which Can be

a good thing if not carried too far.
Tried a couple other Faith based groups. Had a Bad experience with “jehohvah witnesses” - had a
Brother-in-Law go pure fanatic & about destroyed
ex-wife’s family🤬. No Christmas, No Gifts, No Birthday celebration etc. etc.
I go (occasionally) to Services at a Christian Church

Which is a better fit for me, at least.

Please stay in touch :metal:


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Welcome to the community, train hard and stay safe :smiley:

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Welcome to the community, train hard and stay safe. :grinning:

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@ATeamCoach. Welcome to the community, train hard and stay safe :smiley:

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