When Joe Biden made sense

We have to stop paying able bodied young girls to have babies. The male babies become thugs; the girl babies become welfare mothers.


Maybe I should vote for the guy next time he runs!

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You can, but only if you died at least 5 years ago.



Can’t say that today, you’d get a whole bucket full of labels stuck on you. I must admit, I do agree, it’s not what created that monster it that there is a monster that needs to be dealt with.

Gotta tear down public housing projects and replace them with prisoners. That is social justice!

There is so much wrong with Brand… I mean Biden. The media just did not cover it.


When a single young girl marries the government (goes on welfare) her baby boy will probably become a thug/criminal. The epidemic of crime will continue to get worse.

yes it will until the government stops paying young able bodied single inner city girl to have babies. If it were not for planned parenthood the number of thugs would be 5X .

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Looking at some Mark Twain quotes today and this one made me laugh.

Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.

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I haven’t seen that before.

Any chance you keep your threads organized?
There was a reason moderators created categories. Please keep “Self Defense” clean from political :poop:


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Thanks for the words of encouragement.