When in bed, where do you store your home defense pistol?

I also use the VAULTEK slider bolted to my nightstand. I open it before going to bed so there’s one less step in case I need it. Close it back up when I turn my alarm off in the morning.

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No kids in the house so these days, I keep it right where I can reach it.

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EDC in a drawer right next to the bed with 2 mags.
Two under the bed in a gun safe with key to the 2nd safe in the office off the bedroom (no access unless you come through the bedroom).
And two Dobermans and a lab as an EWS to give me time to prepare.
No kids. If anyone visits, this changes for my EDC, as I will lock away all firearms I’m not carrying.


I love my between the mattress holster. Doesn’t have the extra mag and flashlight slot so will have to pickup the one you mentioned. Thanks for the info.

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On top of my nightstand, with the soothing green night sights in view. Lol. No kids, just the wife and I.

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I purchased several gun magnets and have one on the side of my night stand facing the bed. I use the Sticky brand holster with a kydex insert and the magnet holds my Glock 23 in the holster. I like that the trigger is covered and the firearm draws everytime and the holster will just drop away. I have other firearms staged with the other magnets arounf the house.

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I have grandchildren so that is not an option. I keep it in my nightstand but with identilock trigger guard.

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On one hand, quick access has obvious advantages, for late night home defense. On the other hand, I worry about having a bad dream, waking up in a groggy state, and blasting away. Something to be said for making you get out of bed to retrieve your gun. It costs some time and effort, but gives you a chance to clear your head while you’re arming yourself. You can compensate by locking your bedroom door while you sleep, I suppose.

Attached a big firearm magnet to the wall behind my bedside table and keep my shorty shotty there, nice and snug.


Mine is setup similar to the OP, but I should add a small flashlight.
There is enough space between the wooden side rail and the boxspring for the .38 to sit in its unzipped case behind the dust ruffle. :blush:

This is probably not the answer you’re looking for. I put the pistol under the mattress. It’s probably hard to get to, but I sleep with two huge, 80 lb dogs in the house, so I’m not too worried about being surprised by an intruder. They pick up on a squirrel walking outside, so I doubt if anyone can get in the house without plenty of warning for me.

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I have a different nicer version i use SHARK bedside holster(amazon) it works great, stays put and is well made( detailed review on sellers site. been using it for several years now and gifted my brother one they are a good idea/way to keep your gun close by without being on the floor in a rug , or table where it gets knocked off. i place it right where my hand naturally drops alongside the mattress for instant access. it has turned out to be the best way for me. during the day the comforter covers its location.

smart thing to do

Under the pillow

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Another company has one for a lot more than that. good find.
Kinda off the topic. I was dating a lady I wouldn’t dare let her see that. LOL

Too much lotion on my hand for that… I shower before bed time. :wink:

This is a great idea. We each have our guns in the night stand on either side of the bed (no kids at home), and we practice picking it up in the dark and preparing to use it. this is a much better idea to have it located between mattress and box sprigs. Thanks for sharing.

A pistol each on my wife’s and my nightstands and a shotgun in a bedside rack.

Next to me like a man 🤷 I’m mean til one take it spot :rofl:

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