When Gunmen Meet

WHEN GUN MEN MEET by Horace Kephart* Sept 1,1922,

starts on the 9th page of the pdf

If you don’t share my penchant for old time things you may not find this hundred years old article as entertaining as did I.

  • Horace Sowers Kephart (September 8, 1862 – April 2, 1931) was an American travel writer and librarian, best known as the author of Our Southern Highlanders about his life in the Great Smoky Mountains of western North Carolina and the classic outdoors guide Camping and Woodcraft.

Nice articles, all I can say is wow! I had to look up some definitions of some words, such as pugilism, etc. “trigger as slick as soap” I’ll use this quote for my p226sao legion …Great story, great article!! Thanks for sharing!!! Great verbiage!!!


What a great read! While the language is styled like huck fin, some things haven’t changed a bit: a big 45 is still better than a 38 for “stoppin’ a man”, slow bullets don’t expand well, and revolvers don’t leave evidence behind. I raised this point some time ago here, about fingerprints on shells left behind. I’m clearly not the first one to consider it. I feel vindicated, hahaha.

I didn’t know they even had hollow points then. Thought it was all ball ammo.


I didn’t either.


Great articles. They remind me of my grandpa’s library. Thank you, sir.

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