When @GarandThumb ask for a Hunting Rifle Recommendation

Mike AKA GarandThumb of YouTube recently asked on InstaGram for recommendation on a hunting rifle for North American big game.
My response…
warning foul language at the end


No. No. No. This is my pick for ridiculous calibers. .950 JDJ. :rofl: :us:


The cartridge propels its 3,600 grains (233 grams) bullet at approximately 2,200 feet per second (670 metres per second).[1] This yields a muzzle energy of 38,685 foot-pounds force (52,450 joules).[4]

By comparison, the 5.56×45mm NATO cartridge, used in the M16 and M4 rifles, produces between 1,200–1,300 foot-pounds force (1,600–1,800 joules), while the .308 Winchester, a favorite for hunters and medium-range police/military sniping, produces between 2,000–3,000 foot-pounds force (2,700–4,100 joules) depending on the load used. Even the .50 BMG, which has a kinetic energy of around 13,000–15,000 foot-pounds force (18,000–20,000 joules) delivers less than half the energy. The ballistics of the .950 JDJ are more similar to that of the 20 mm autocannon round, which delivers approximately 39,500 foot-pounds force (53,600 joules). The muzzle energy of the .950 JDJ is comparable to the kinetic energy of a 2,800 pounds (1,300 kilograms) automobile traveling at 20 miles per hour (32 kilometres per hour).[ citation needed ]

In a 110 lb (50 kg) rifle, this will develop well over 200 foot-pounds force (270 joules) of free recoil energy. Shooting usually involves a heavy “lead sled” or similar shooting rest, and the rifle scope has significant eye relief to avoid injuring the ocular orbit.[ citation needed ]

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :star_struck:

Did someone say T-Rex?


600 overkill anyone ? :paraguay: :paraguay: :paraguay:

I can fire this on my Super glide. :paraguay: :paraguay: :paraguay:

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#wildwestpimpstyle Certified!

And under an echo chamber roof at that…

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