When does “being prepared” go overboard/ unhealthy?

What he said… :point_up:
Some years ago I helped the widow next to my parents place clean out her barn after her husband passed. We found bags and bags of rice, thousands of rounds of 22lr, and a few other intresting things. Anyone remember Y2K? Yup he was over prepared as he died without using his stash
On the other hand if you would of stocked up on masks, 9mm, 556, and toilet paper four months ago you would have been eccentric at the time and a prodigy today.
If luck is when preparation meets opportunity and it’s better to be lucky then ‘good’ then there is no point being good if you aren’t prepared…
However, as many prior posts indicate, we should all apply our own test of reasonableness to our individual circumstance and means.


I guess that’s why it’s good to have a wide circle of friends. If all your friends obsess over the same things, you’ll never know that you’re crazy. :crazy_face:


Overboard / unhealthy?
When you waste you time, energy, finances and personal relationships over minutia and hording.
The real danger with such a Philosophy (and prepping is a Philosophy) is that it will lead to nihilism, which is fatal.

Enjoy your life and your family rather than prepare to enjoy your life at some future date and place where everyone else is either dead or miserable.

That is the difference between taking care of you and your family’s foreseeable needs and unhealthy obsession over a Walter Mitty fantasy


Common sense applies in every situation.

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Where again did Walter Mitty live?
Was it Wohan, Aleppo, Xinjiang, or a mall in America last week?

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Being controlled by fear clouds the intellect.
Every Tyrant thought they had a good idea.


It’s a question each person has to answer based on their environment and situation, Personally, I live a low risk profile. Safe neighborhood, low crime area, don’t go to target rich area’s/places, and generally pay attention. I don’t have the time and/or desire to practice a lot for ‘what if’s’. It’s my risk/reward analysis. I’ve been a active gun owner for many decades and shoot most firearms pretty well in a instinctive mode. Since my carry gun is small (LCP) I’m not likely to engage at a distance, but I can get to it quick and can be ready for up close dirty. I don’t much think about it as I just follow habit (IE, I don’t step over the log, I step on top and check what’s on the other side), a good snake bit preventive measure.


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Fact. CPR is only affective on 10% of recipients. Which is why it is not done in combat because it’s mostly ineffective. One of my skills in the US Army was Medic which ultimately led me to teach at the US Army Combat medic school before I retired. Prior to my time as a medic instructor I served most of my career in the Airborne Infantry which translated to rifleman with an additional skillset,

A few of my medical certs. Expired because I retired in 2013


@Jim63. Welcome to the community, train hard and stay safe :smiley:


Been thinking about this question all day. We all decided to buy a firearm and carry concealed at some point in our lives. We all train to become proficient in the use of that firearm. We train our minds to look for and avoid threats. Most of us pay for a membership in USCCA to protect our livelihoods in case we are forced into protecting our loved ones and ourselves. Add life insurance, health insurance, home insurance and auto insurance. Throw a month or six of wages into a savings account for an “emergency”. That is a lot of preparation that is considered “normal”.

If an individual can afford a class at Gunsite, to store some extra food, is willing to take an advanced first-aid course, purchase bulk ammo when the getting is good, more power to them. Just consult with your other-half before you put your money down. That can get unhealthy quick!


Done all of the above.
I now spend more on training than I do on new firearms.

We have virtually no money in the markets. All our assets are in land and precious metals.
Silver, gold and land are WAY UP.

I still think it will be very important to buy food and grocery items now through the election. Just in case you don’t WANT to leave home for a week-ish.

Also, super important, see if there is a USCCA Defensive Shooting Fundamentals course near you. This is the best way to get up to speed on accurate self-defense based shooting. This class is not marksmanship or sport shooting. It’s self defense and there is a HUGE difference. :slight_smile:

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I can’t wait for Christmas!

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To get it back on Topic. I do agree with you a 100% on Defensive Shooting Fundamentals.