Wheelchair Carry

I live in Minnesota. In the winter months I carry with a shoulder holster. In the summer I used to carry with an ankle holster. Recent difficulties with my condition (I have MS) make it no longer possible to access an ankle holster. I’m considering a holster attached to my wheelchair. I know, I don’t like off-body carry either, but my doctor, who recommends that I DO carry, suggested that. (She carries herself.)

Any opinions?


@Gregory12 Welcome back. Here are some ideas. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ideas to carry on wheelchair - Guns & Gear - USCCA Community (usconcealedcarry.com)


I have a good friend in his late 60s who lost his legs at crotch-level when he was 18 working in a rail yard.

He’s been a cop all his adult life and retired as Chief in a mid size town a few years ago. He uses a motorized wheelchair and appendix carries.

And he’s a big guy.


Lots of folks have disabilities of some sort that limit their dexterity and mobility. I have RA, had a stroke in 2019, 2 metal knees and a metal hip. I am a human chemistry experiment given the drugs I take. I move slower and slower every day (but I’m still moving and on the right side of the grass). It also means hands that are painful and swollen and more like clubs at the end of my arms than instruments of strength and dexterity.

Planning for staying away from dicey areas and how to deal with an assault that knocks me to the ground are things I incorporate into choice of gear and training.


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I have a prominent stomach too, unfortunately, but it’s really worth a try. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Yes, I agree. I avoid those areas as much as I can also. Sometimes it’s unavoidable like when on the light rail,

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Thank you for the links. It’s great to see people are thinking about this!

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