What's your favorite self-defense ammunition?

image I like the expansion.

It’s the Critical DUTY +P that can be a problem. I believe a Chicago police officer got a twofer with one and killed a civilian woman a couple years ago. My trainer suggests against the plus pressure unless you are headed into a war zone.

Critical Defense in the carry. It’s a pricey buy-in at todays prices but the rotation shouldn’t be too hard to keep up with.

It’s a hard time for favorites, pretty much just get what you get right now :man_shrugging:t2:

I tend to stick with HST and the old version of Gold Dots due to lots of available test data and wide spread adoption by LE agencies.

Gold Dot has a new G2 version that came out several years ago that seemed to have had some issues with reliably expanding. Have heard a few comments that this issue has been resolved but no formal tests to back it up. Has anyone seen any new tests on the G2?

Sage Dynamics on YouTube has a recent-ish video on the G2 compared to the original. I believe the G2 was only better through barriers and was otherwise beaten by the original.

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Hi Dawn when I go shooting my ammo is the same as what I carry, truth be known I reload all my kinds of ammo that I use so with as carefully that I reload they are the same.

HST has been proven. I was lucky and found some a month ago, but it was +p (I prefer standard). I’ll stick up on it when/ if ammo is normal normal again.

@Shamrock Found it, dated June 2019…

Thanks @Harvey! Not enough of a sample size to say anything for certain but definitely still lines up with the early poor reports. Unfortunately for anyone in need of SD ammo the G2s are the only major brand of SD ammo I see regularly available online.

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Yeah I think Aaron Cowan rounded it up pretty well in the video (13min+ mark) that they made the G2 better through some barriers at the cost of worse through others (or none). I think if G2 is all you can find, its certainly not a bad choice, and certainly better than a lot of other options… it just isn’t maybe as good as a general purpose defensive round as the original GD or Federal’s HST and maybe even Hornady’s Critical Duty/Defense series.

I do like a round with good barrier performance. But thin and thick fabric is the most likely barriers to contend with so would rather not sacrifice in that area. Glad I have some HST and original GD set aside. Unfortunately the days finding them for less then 50c a round may be gone for good.

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favorite defense round…hmm, that depends…could be the Hirtenberger 7.62x51 which I would not want to be on the receiving end of at nearly any visible distance, the m193 or m855 for the 5.56 guns… :wink:…hmm, thoe 00 buck or 1800 fps slugs…eeek!
Ohhhhh, concealed carry :face_with_raised_eyebrow:…for 9mm I’ll say my supply of Winchester Ranger LE 147 +p. Slightly softer recoil than NATO 124, nice nickel plated cases, and it’s my favorite as it runs great in my 7 9mm pistols.

I had problems with 9mm federal 147 gr JHP. Still working through it. Once the first round chambers it seems fine. I ended up using some 124 gr JHP that work. Fmj works fine.

When I finally get a gun I’ll have it worked out.

Worse comes to worse, I still have a supply of the old 127 +p+ Winchester ranger talons in 9mm with the scary black coating. :scream_cat:

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Critical Defense,Hornady. We avg weekly at range. Works well at 7-21 distance and further. No miss firea or hang ups to date. Now due to the Pan Ammo issues we dont really go every week. As ammo supply improves we will increase our tempo. Also it helps we have or own range,Nuthing fancy but it works

At this point I’d just like to have BBs. I found these on Amorim for $105.95. That works out to about 7¢ per BB.

Edit: I’m joking here.

dang, 7 cents…I bought 10k rounds of T’bolt .22lr for 3 cents/rd maybe 2 years back. Noticed it was 20 cents a round the other day. .177 and .22 pellets, thinking roughly a penny or 2 each when I bought it, just lead though, no coating.

Buffalo Bore or Underwood 158gr .38 +p lswchp or Underwood 158gr .357 magnum Nosler.

My favorite round right now is my 44 REM Mag HP. I just don’t have a gun to use it in. I actually bought it.