Whats the possibility of this passing


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No one is going to opine on the viability of the cited bill until someone takes the time to prepare a legislative summary of what it will actually do if passed. The bill itself is an editorial change list to existing statutes, and reading only the bill without applying it to the references statutes says nothing about the purpose of this bill.

Translation: A reader of the bill has no clue what it is supposed to do.


Sounds like they’ll vote on it pretty quick, doesn’t it?

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Damn, MA goin hard. “SECTION 26. Said section 121 of said chapter 140, as so appearing, is hereby further amended by striking out the definition of “assault weapon” and inserting in place thereof the following definitions: - ‘‘Assault-style firearm’’, any firearm which is:…”

“(a) A semiautomatic rifle with the capacity to accept a detachable feeding device and includes any of the following features: (i) a folding, telescopic, thumbhole or detachable stock or a stock that is otherwise foldable or adjustable in a manner that operates to reduce the length, size and other dimension, or otherwise enhances the concealability of the weapon; (ii) a pistol grip, forward grip or second handgrip or protruding grip that can be held by the non-trigger hand; (iii) a threaded barrel or (iv) a barrel shroud.”
(b) covers semi-auto pistols, its just as bad as (a.) Their list of out right banned firearms includes the Ruger Mini-14.
You’d think where we started our are fight for freedom they’d understand what our 2nd Amendment means?