What's the point?


So, in a nearly local gunstore, I found a machete with a billhook on it. I don’t understand this weapon. It looks like you would have to slash past your target, then pull the weapon in toward yourself. I like it, but it looks like a non-useful weapon. It can’t be used as an axe, because where an axe would have an edge, the billhook is blunt. Where other machetes have a point, this one is flat.

What is the point of this weapon, and how would you use it? Is it more useful than I realize?

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While you could use it as a weapon, it is really for clearing brush for a trail. The hook makes it easier to cut through small to medium brush.


Actually hook is very useful :ok_hand:
Like @Greg1 mentioned , plus easy to cut small branched hanging above your head.
My grandparents were using sickle everyday. Machete with hook works even better.


Well, I knew that machetes were designed for cutting foliage, and billhooks were also designed for agricultural use, but as with many farming tools, both have been found useful for cutting people as well as plants.

Finding it in a gun store, I guess their self defense uses were all I was focused on, forgetting that both are primarily for plant cutting.

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I have to agree with the above. A hook is very useful when a slashing instrument is not. I spent more than a little time in south America and the hook was not so much for cutting as it was to “gather the branches away” there is a word for it but I cannot pronounce it on the internet.
There are very many “tools” that can be classified as weapons over time and in retrospect and many of those tools and the use there of became the center of our martial arts as we know them today. Adapting my farm tool as a weapon in a culture where I am not permitted to own a weapon.




I believe the are called Woodman’s pals, if memory serves they were issued to some G.I. in WW2 and Vietnam. I purchased one for my nephew as a graduation gift when he made Eagle scout. One of his tasks was to clean up a state park in Westchester county,NY. He loved it said that it made his life so much easier. And as far as the hook it was a huge help especially with cutting vines.
They are an American company and actually make a retro version from that era, also more modern ones … hope this helps!

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I believe this is the website.
Hope this helps ya"ll

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Yes I just checked it out @James322 and they have a nice collection of machetes.

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Used to cut branches and limbs, does it matter if they are vegetative or animal (human)? As Craig6 stated, adapt your tools as needed. :upside_down_face: