What Would You Do: Political Rally

President Trump will be in Wisconsin tomorrow night and I have tickets to go. I’m on the fence about going as I cannot carry at a political rally. But the opportunity to see a sitting President and possibly meet him is very intriguing. I’ve never been to a political rally before, but times are changing and I believe everyone needs to express their opinions and have their voice heard.

Have you been to a political rally? Please share your stories and experiences!


I had tickets to go the the Trump here but a lot was going on in my life and could not make it…

But I would say security would be tight enough not to worry (As) much!

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Secret service WILL be there so security shouldn’t be an issue. Go and express your appreciation to the ONLY 2020 candidate who believes you have the right to defend yourself.


You do remember that he advocates for both universal background checks and for federal red flag laws, yes? Not sure why its ok when some do it but not others?

Sorry, I don’t think this was clear that my comment about Pres. Trump was in response to @Dwayne. In response to @Dawn, go have a good time. I’ve been to rallies for others and security was super-tight and it was interesting to watch crowd dynamics.

Maybe if he hears it enough from enough people, he’ll change his mind on background checks and red flag laws? :woman_shrugging:

Maybe I can make my voice be heard? I’m not exactly quiet. :innocent:

Not to mention - the people watching will be amazing! Still haven’t decided.

(There is a lot of sickness and flus going around, hoping to avoid it all!)


I’d feel safe at the event. It’s the getting to and from I’d be concerned with. The protesters have proven be very violent so as long as you have a plan for that I’d say go.

We live a life of preparedness not fear, so live life and enjoy the moment.


Yes, BUT compared to the opposition he’s darn near a saint 2A wise. Certainly a case of lesser of two…

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@Dwayne, you may be right, but I also think views of the opposition (regardless of which side) are often portrayed as more extreme then they are. In eight years of Obama, no one went after guns seriously. Maybe a bit of rhetoric by some, but no serious attempts. In this current round of dems, the most extreme candidates on 2A (“Hell yeah…” ) were the first to drop out for lack of support. Bernie has always been pretty pro-gun, and most of the current crop’s positions aren’t seriously different than Pres. Trump’s.

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So did you go (@Dawn)? How did you like it?

I’ve never gone to a political rally. Closest thing for me was volunteering at a children’s Special Olympics event and seeing Jesse Ventura’s motorcade pull up when he was Governor.


@Dawn with any luck you will hear a few answers to this question come Tuesday or Monday night from those of us in VA. I’m going in following the rules as our good Governor has presented us but if things go south … well lets just say I’m intent on getting home that night. After all I have to work in the morning :woozy_face:



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