What would you do: Group Attack

This excerpt is from a blog post Kevin did about group attacks. Here’s a link to the full post: https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/blog/group-attacks/

I’m sitting here in the airport in Cleveland, back to the wall, watching the world go by, thinking about a couple different mob attacks that recently made news. One in Milwaukee, where a CCW holder was able to successfully use a firearm to stop the attack, kill one of his attackers, and effectively put an end to a series of attacks in that city. It’s a shame someone has to die before the police make an effort to break up a gang.

The other was in Memphis. It is the infamous cell phone video that includes the words, “They got a white guy!” The person recording the video apparently uttered those words and she apparently had no interest in shutting off her camera to dial 911.

…It is not about skin color, but about activity. If you see a big group of teens, be alert. Observe their actions before you decide to get out of the car. If things look out of the ordinary, leave the area or consider calling 911.

This is NOT a discussion about race or racial profiling, it is a discussion about group attacks.

Let’s hear it. What would you do?

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This is horrible. Anybody who EVER records any horrific event and does nothing, are cowards. but instead of pulling the camera out at least dial 9-1-1! I heard prosecutors here will prosecute those who record and do nothing.

I don’t mind calling the non-emergency line if something looks out of ordinary just to give heads up.

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I would attempt to do what you recommended and leave the area if I start getting a weird vibe or I see a group acting in a manner I’m not comfortable with (you win 100% of the fights you never engage in).

If at some I’m engaged before I leave however, I would attempt to maintain my distance from the group using pepper spray as needed to help create that distance.

Hopefully that would enable my escape to call 911 or allow me enough distance to consider drawing my weapon and engage with it again, distance being the deciding factor (fending off a group is different than fending off a single person in close quarters).

If the group physically assaults me all at once, it would be unarmed combat (well I do have that tac pen and knife I carry so those would come into play as able), focusing on retention of my handgun (which would still be in its holster).

I’d try creating distance, call 911. If for some reason I can’t create distance or group rushes me, then I have to consider defensive actions. Why I dont like being against a wall near a crowd.

Awareness equals avoidance. You win the fight that you’re not in.