What would you do: Campground

You’re staying at a campground with some extended family. The kids have been swimming and hiking all day. All of the fresh air and the after-sugar crash from the s’mores have the kids sound asleep in tents on your campsite.

The adults are sitting around the campfire telling stories when suddenly shouting and fowl language can be heard from the neighboring campsite. The volume of the altercation continues to rise until two gunshots ring out and the campground goes silent.

What would you do?

Please remember we can only use lethal force when there is imminent, unavoidable danger of death or grave bodily harm. While we realize our self-defense shots may kill, our intent is always to stop the threat.

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Call 911. Not my clown’s, not my circus unless they make it so. Find out who is armed and find cover, while other adults wake kids with hands over mouth so they don’t make noise, load them into vehicles and leave as quietly as possible. Leave campsite until authorities say it’s safe to get our stuff.


Unless it comes my way…I have no dog in that fight. Take up a defensive position behind some sort of cover, get the family out, put as much distance as I can between us and whatever train wreck is happening next door as quickly and quietly as possible, call the authorities and let them deal with it, come back for my stuff later. Finally…leave a strongly worded review on Yelp and tell the wife I’m picking the spot next year. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I would get on my cell phone and call 911 and tell them what you heard. Tell them how many shots you heard then that it got quiet afterwards. Also tell the operator that you are in a nearby campgrounds and heard them yelling.also tell the operator that you are there with family members and are armed. Await for the arrival of the responding units to give a statement.


Just to tie a knot in this tale (see what I did there?) What if there is no cell phone coverage at the camp ground? No 9-1-1?,

The campground host —if there is one—should have radio contact with the rangers.
If not, I’d load my family up and get out pronto then report to the nearest LEO or call 9-1-1 where there is cell service


The campground goes silent.”

I’ll turn to the other adults and say, “ so, as I was saying…”

Seriously, I’ll have someone else call 911 (I’d probably be the only one who’s carrying).
I don’t need the distraction of a phone call when assessing the situation. Is trouble coming my way?

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Call or have someone else call 911. Stay at my own campfire. I would like to say I would think about going to offer help, but with no idea what happened, stumbling around into another campsite into who knows what situation is an invitation to disaster. Also, by inserting yourself into the situation, and further deadly force is required, are you now the aggressor?


Send for a welfare worker! :rofl: