What would you ask Ed?

We all post a lot of questions in the USCCA Community. Most of the time, the Community comes up with great answers. Sometimes, though, we’d like a more “official/expert” answer. That’s where Concealed Carry Magazine Senior Editor Ed Combs comes in. If you have a question that you’d like Ed to answer, please ask it below.

We, of course, cannot guarantee answers to all questions — Ed’s a pretty busy guy — but we’d love to help you out with whatever’s stumping you.

What would you ask Ed?


My wife prefers revolvers. She’s settle down on either a Ruger SP101, or LCRx for a carry gun. My question is about ammo. What is you opinion of the old FBI load lead semi wad cutter hollow cavity +p .38 special?

Mr. 45IPAC, sir;

I have enjoyed learning that a revolver can be a good firearm to use at any time. I know that you can carry them, in trucks, tool boxes, cars and anywhere you are at peace of mind with.
Women are smart and are much greater than we are. They can train and be very effective
at everything they set their hearts and minds to do to protect herself and others.

A .38 Special has been around for a long time and the we got her big brother, the .357, making many revolvers even better or the best. You will find a shortage of .38 Specials and .357
Magnums in many gun stores but I love the revolver. The ammo that I have read in your
email; sometimes will would have to special order or maybe a larger gun store that covers many more fine firearms, including our good
friend too.

Thank you !


That’s why I’m curious to Ed Combs opinion on that exact load for self defense. He does the “Clear Ballistics” testing for the USCCA, and on he videos. Where I live, my local gun shop always has plenty of .38, and .357. Also, I’m a 45 minute drive from the Underwood facility. I can drive right over, and get it there. Bu, thank you for your opinion.


Here’s the exact load I’m curious about.

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Thank you ! I understand about ballistics and I watch many of them on
videos and Listen carefully to handle any ammo.

I know you will find the right tools and do your best, what ever it takes
in the ammunition field.

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If a person writes a good article for the magazine would you publish it?

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Yes. But if you desire to write these articles, about gun safety for example,
wouldn’t it be the best to talk to Dawn or another instructor to work things
out ?

I like truthfully and kindly encourage others and to motivate to look out
side their comfort zone and there are new thing to visit and learn. I have learned
a lot and many people have been grand to me.

How about, “About Gun Ranges” 1. Types of gun ranges 2. Memberships 3. Open to the public 4. Outdoor gun ranges 5. Indoor gun ranges 6. Gun range safety rules, are similar but not the same. 7. Experience the ranges 8. Experience the classes 9. Experience the instructors

I have a Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 trigger-related question for Mr. Ed Combs… a 2-part question

:point_right:t5: Is the M&P 2.0 trigger worth an upgrade, such as the Apex? If so, is it true that, in the event of a self-defense shooting, Prosecutors would focus on the fact that my firearm had a modified trigger (to use against me)?

I’ve always heard this & perhaps you could give your perspective. I’ve also told family & friends to never modify their stock triggers. :v:t5: