What would make you draw?

Risking my life for my loved ones… Definite yes. I actually get the shakes sometimes when things aren’t the way I expect them to be when I am coming home, for fear of my loved ones. 12/19/18. Worst day of my life. I hope I never feel that level of fear again in my life.

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It seems to me that in many states (and I believe California is surprisingly one) if you observe someone committing a felony, you can make a citizen’s arrest. Farther if they resist you can use whatever force is necessary to effect the arrest. In California, the value of the property being stolen (or destroyed) has to be in the neighborhood of $1000 or more.

I would be inclined to take such action if someone was stealing my car. I would also be inclined if I was sure of the circumstances to take such action if someone was physically beating another person.

Could I get into legal trouble? Sure. But that is just me.

I’m to old to run or fight much so I carry more now than in years past and I consider a threat more serious than I would have 15 years ago.


Me too, @michael347
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Last time I had to draw on someone was over 20 years ago on two mules trespassing on private property in Texas right on the border. They were toting suspicious duffle bags and refused to comply with orders given in Spanish and English. 80 LBs of weed. Nowadays it would have to be a imminent threat of death to me or my loved ones.


Eminent threat of death ONLY. As a retiree with only a cellphone, there’s no way to know about any number of possible confederates to the doer are lurking near by. Don’t start a fight you can’t win when losing means you’re dead!


Exactly @John293. Welcome to the group!


I’m soo late to the conversation and, I’m almost certain someone said this, but I’ll say it anyways.

“It’s self defense, not stuff defense!”

Stuff can be replaced another’s life cannot.
HOWEVER, be prepared! You can have your firearm unholsterd speaking loud clear verbal commands without pointing or discharging your weapon.

May all of you have a very, Merry Christmas!


Outside of legal restrictions on Off Duty So-Called Police, an officer is supposedly there to protect and serve. Something I sincerely don’t believe. So, I will leave the police scenario alone.
One thing in scenarios like this one. Thugs are not scared by weapons. No matter the age. Young knuckleheads have no sense of fear. Particularly, when in a feral animal pack. They will simply attack and try to take yours. So keep it in or use it. No other options but being a witness. Use your voice. Let them know that there are witnesses. Be prepared to defend yourself if attacked.
When someone threatens the life of another or you, that is one of the reasons that generally allows you to use deadly force. Of course, measured by your state laws.
A child being abducted apparently or a woman being beaten is one of those instances that you must not be part of the crowd waiting for someone to respond.

  1. Be a witness but not witless. Call 911 or be sure that someone else has called. Go to the front door and click the lock on it. Be a bar to his exit. Use your voice. Police have been called. (for all the real good they may be) Grab a shopping cart and keep it between him…you and the door. If he attacks or draws a weapon, then use yours.
  2. Grab something at hand and brain the idiot. Is there a fire extinguisher or fire hose with a nozzle nearby?
  3. Do you carry mace or a taser? Not guaranteed but an option. Options that I have with me always. Hopefully your state allows this.
  4. Assuming that you are near his car. Take out the tires with your pocket knife as he attempts to get in or stab his radiator a few times.
    I once stood by a vehicles front tires telling people that they would not leave. There was a questionable circumstance involving a child. The police had been called and they knew that I was also armed. Never drew the firearm. Had my knife out. Hard to drive with a front flat tire. I have a credit card. I can always buy a new tire and pay for the tow. Hard to live with a dead child that has been raped and abused after you stood by as someone took them. A choice that I was willing to defend before a jury.
    You can nitpick this to death. Unfortunately, when you get involved. There is no guarantees as to the consequences of that choice. All you can do is to be sure about your choices, be as tactical as possible, and take some range courses. Training and muscle memory are what helps you to survive a very bad day.
    If all else fails, then use deadly force. You must also realize the consequences of this choice. One you assumed with that choice of getting a carry permit.
    A burglar decades ago broke into my house. He refused to sit and wait for the police. In spite of me holding a shotgun. He chose to be a threat. He will never be a burglar again.A choice no one should have to make. However, it was forced on me that day.

They have to decide if you’re going to be a sheep or the sheep dog

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