What was you worst work day in life?

Bet it can’t be much worse than this guys…

Sorry, can’t resist adding in a joke as well…
New Employer: “So why did you leave you last job?”.
The Driver: “The company collapsed”.


I…uh…well…I was going to relate how I was essentially lured into making a mistake that got me fired, but I can’t beat this guy…


@OldGnome Go ahead. What? You got somethin’ better to do now? :rofl:


When I was in the middle east I persuaded a young NCO to move a $150,000 230kw standby electrical generator through a series of dangerous and deep sand traps so I could work on the set in a nice cool cave in a mountainside. It fell 50 feet and was a total loss. For “some reason” I was to blame. Luckily I was a contractor and it didn’t go on my record. And it was paid for by the U.S. taxpayers… thank you. Oopsy.


The day I lost my first Marine. He had opened his flack jacket cuz it was hot and took a round in his right chest. He was 10’ from me when he got hit and I was there in seconds, He bled out in a little under a minute, literally through my fingers. 18 y/o kid from PA, I still see his face some days. RIP Brother.




Fortunately I’ve not had a massively bad day.



I went into the hospital for what was supposed to be a simple surgery and a three-day stay. The surgeon nicked my stomach. I was in conscious for 24 hours and in the hospital for a week. I was then recuperating at home for three more weeks.

When I returned to work, I had lost 30 pounds and had little stamina. Three weeks later, I was asked to create an agenda for a project review meeting. I was an IT project manager.

I cleared the list of projects with a colleague, and prepared the agenda.

The moment we started the meeting, a director shut it down and collected all copies of the agenda.

One of the projects on the list was the integration of the IT department of a “recently purchased” (more than a year prior) subsidiary into the HQ IT department. Something that had been discussed quietly for a year. It seems that information (the integration of a subsidiary IT department into the HQ IT department) was “unauthorized information” I inadvertently divulged to “unauthorized personnel.” The unauthorized personnel were other IT team managers.

The colleague with whom I cleared the list was horrified to learn that I had been fired and especially why.

That all was 18 years ago last fall. The company is currently undergoing a liquidation.

The individual who collected the agendas is apparently going to be the last man standing. :unicorn::tophat:.


I thought I had a bad day in Aug of 2018. Was in an explosion, got burned, spent 36 days in a burn unit, and I had an opportunity to check out. The worse was putting my Mrs thru it all, as am sure was harder on her than myself. Her seeing her husband life flighted and not knowing if the husband will live or die on the flight or in the hospital. HOWEVER, when I read the worst of others, mine was a cake walk. I cannot imagine what others had to go thru. Our prayers to the fallen, our veterans, and to our members.


Oh, I think I can top this. I was a Regional VP for a fortune 500 company. Great perks, 6 figure salary and 6 figure bonuses.

One part of my job was responsibilities for inventorying warehouses. I walk in and everyone suddenly catches a dose of regionalitis (that means they start doing everything they were supposed to do since the last time you were there).

Forklift driver didn’t lockout his forklift and dropped a sofa/loveseat combo on me and crushed my spine from L1 to S2. Lost everything because I thought I could tough it out.