What type of music do you enjoy/favorite song?


And here I was really starting to like you, @Jeffrey! :rofl: You must love the fact that Garth Brooks is in the same town as the Expo this weekend.

I’m good with just about anything but rap.


LOL!!! I can deal with it for the USCCA to be in town!


It’s easier to list what I won’t listen to.
Rap, Jazz, and Polka.


All I know is, I’d rather listen to Opera than Country music!!!

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I want music that picks me up, not bring me down!

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I feel that I can listen to an extreme music spectrum! I respect your opinion Spence, thanks!!!

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Country isn’t all depressing. There are a bunch of good drinking songs in the country spectrum, that being said, I don’t have a single country station programmed into my pickups radio hehe. I actually only have 3 stations programmed in, all 3 are rock stations. Half the time I listen to talk shows via my phone, I used to be one of those that would staunchly avoid political discussions and talk radio, but as I’ve gotten older that has changed, quite a lot.


I prefer earlier country music as I don’t care for some of the new artists. I also like rock and roll by Elvis, Beatles and early Rolling Stones. Can’t stand rap and hip hop. Guess i’m getting old.


I must say that there are a few Johnny Cash songs that are really good! I agree, some of the older country singers I don’t mind!!!


My prized record. They Might Be Giants signed hand drawn numbered sleeve.




Nice collection!!!

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I mostly listen to modern rock/metal and epic orchestra (such as Two Steps From Hell and Andre Rieu)


Nice!!! Sounds good!

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Most anything but Rap.

Depends on my mood.

For a good while now, it’s been Heavy Metal…

I do tune in for a bit and listen to some good old Florence Foster Jenkins. I crank up the volume for her and always listen with a smile as I know all within earshot are being terrorized…

Please sit in a room and play a few songs from Florence Foster Jenkins in a room by yourself and attempt to survive it… This is a challenge…


Just wanted to ask (because I do myself) since you mentioned music, do any of you use earbuds under your ear protection for those that don’t use basic earplugs? Btw, mines Rok N Roll all the way it gets me pumped!



I use wireless bluetooth earbuds with the soft ear wraps to hold them up, get a solid 10hrs of use of music and phone calls…



I and the wife both have Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Pro Sound Amplification Electronic Shooting Earmuff, Black & Grey (R-01902), which have an aux in to line in your music.

Nothing like my Audiotechnica ATH-AD900 or my Blue Lola cans that I have but they work for range time. Plus I like the mic they have and I can hear better with them on than without.

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Ya those were a great invention having those to block out the sound of a higher decibel and they almost or pretty much act like hearing aids when not shooting! Sounds like you n the wife have a good set-up. Thanks for answering someone else might look them up and you might have made someone’s day!