What training bad habits have you heard of?

@Sheepdog556 what do you see people practicing that makes you cringe from a what-if-this-were-the-real-deal perspective?
If I’m doing it, I want to stop and do something better :slight_smile:

Just some off the top of my head…

Trying to see where you hit the target after each shot… Do your drill or course of fire then look.

Not letting magazines or casings hit the ground

I’m not sure on the science of this one but I try to only shoot silhouette targets to try to mimic a real sight picture as much as possible. I also use different colored silhouettes at different distances and angles.

I do not reholster immediately after completing a drill. In fact it’s never part of my drills. I practice my draw but I’m never gonna be in a hurry to reholster so I don’t care to get proficient doing it.

Shoot from different stances. You probably arent gonna worry about feet being shoulder with apart or one foot slightly ahead of the other. Grip, trigger pull, sight picture.

Im sure there are alot more but those are some of the first ones I started working on when I changed my focus from recreational target shooting to self defense. I also believe that nothing substitutes taking a defensive shooting class

Yeah we were trained never to pick up mags, we even did training where we cleared a building using paintball sim rounds where there was a casualty laying on the ground screaming and grabbing our pants, and we had to neutralize the threat, clear the rest of the building, then post in defensive positions before administering aid. We were trained to step on his vest and keep walking. I swear we trained for everything. Clowns in the Canadian Rockies? I trained for it. Lol.


Sounds about right.

I totally understand what you’re all saying - and I experienced it a bit when I did the Proving Ground for one of our Live Training Broadcasts 2 years ago.

I couldn’t remember how many shots I had fired or how I got to the door. I do remember snapshots - Kevin’s voice telling me to never turn my back on a loaded gun from before we started, slamming my backside into the exit door so hard as I was retreating and firing that I set off the alarm.

The guy we had playing the attacker totally freaked me out during that scenario. It felt like I was in a real-life horror movie.

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I saw that. That dude wasn’t holding any agression back. Good training!

@dawn to continue the martial arts concept, I don’t think it’ll help in the way that taking an MMA class would, but it makes you physically stronger and more disciplined. So in that sense I think Martial Arts like karate, judo, and taekwondo are great!

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MMA is a bit out of my comfort level, but I’m sure my kids would LOVE to watch me try it :smile:

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Well either way, it’s good to be doing something!

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There’s a new blog post that just came out today which is right in line with our topic of habits when you train: