What to get 1st

It’s time: you own shot guns, hunting rifles and hand guns but you want the next step up: is it…

AR-15 If yes what caliber
MP-5 again pick your caliber

Fill in the blank. What do you want to have fun with but could also protect. I’m there now and want an AR, but love MP’s.

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Been there done that. Went with semi auto in .223/5.56 for my purposes.

It really depends on what you think you may need to defend yourself from and where you might need to do it. As well as what kinds of fun you want to have.

If fun is a primary goal then your best caliber choices will be .223/5.55 or 7.62x39(if you go the AKish route) or 9mm. Most other calibers will be a lot more expensive to shoot.

I’ve never shot an MP5 but they sound like a fun firearm and would make a good choice for in home self defense with a little more speed and accuracy then a handgun. But your effective and accuracy range would be limited probably to a 100 yards or so.

The AR will have much better range, accuracy, and stopping power. But with a 16” barrel they are a bit hard to handle indoors and very load when shot indoors as well. You can get a shorter barrel but you quickly start to loose the benefits of .223 the shorter you go and significantly increase the noise.

If you just want short range fun and more accuracy out to maybe 100 yards then it sounds like you really want an MP5. If you want to have fun and capabilities beyond 100 yards the AR would be a good bet. Or just get both:)

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AR-15 lower, and uppers in 5.56, .300bo and 6.5 grendel. Barrels from 9-18" depending on caliber.
Defend the home without waking the wife to 800 yard target shooting.

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Being a fan of HK I am going with a TRUE MP5 in 9mm. Man what a blast that would be to own one of the finest fighting arms made!


A quality AR15 style rifle. Chambered in 5.56x45 or .223 Wylde.

Competition and economies of scale means you get an amazing amount of firearm/rifle/quality for the price.

Tons of magazines, ammo, parts, etc due to US military, US civilian LE, and worldwide/NATO use.

Easy to adjust to the shooter. Great ergonomics. Easy to shoot and hit with it, light recoil, FAR more effective range and FAR more effective at stopping a violent attacker right now than a pistol caliber.

Very easy to accessorize for your specific application in terms of stock, grip, grip, optic(s), sights, lights, slings, whatever.

Easy to work on.

Very reliable (a decent/good one with good mags and good ammo, of course). And lube it liberally when you do lube.

If in doubt get a “Rifle” with a pinned and welded muzzle device on a 14.5" or 13.9" to make it 16" legally to be considered a rifle. Or a 16" if you want, but, as long as you get a “flash hider” or Warcomp or similar for the muzzle device, the pinned and welded slightly shorter I think is better overall (…unless you may want to put a suppressor on it later in which case this conversation needs to go a little deeper)

www.bravocompanyusa.com buy a complete upper and add a BCG

I only have one long gun. A Bergara HMR in .308. It is my SHTF gun. Useful against anything breathing. Will feed us or protect us long range. It holds 4 round mags for hunting or 10 round mags for other things. With a Burris Veracity 2-10x42 scope from a rest I have emptied a mag into a quarter size hole at 100+ yards. That is all the rifle I felt the need for, but, I understand the appeal of an AR.


ARs are a lot of fun and an easily modified platform. There are so many options, why pick just one caliber? :grinning:

I seem to purchase in historical themes. I started in WWII with 1911s, M1 Garand, Thompson M1, 1903A3… Then I switched to more modern with AR-15s, AR-10, Beretta M9… And now I feel drawn toward a cowboy action theme and want a lever action Winchester and a pair of six shooters.


No, I own shotguns and handguns

I do not own “shot guns” or “hand guns.”

30-06 AR If you want to talk Unicorn! I would pay for it!


I’m not a fan of the AR platform and I don’t recommend them to anyone.

Used a full-auto MP5 in one of my professional jobs (no, not hitman) and loved it.
I highly recommend the MP5 (a true MP5).

I have no experience with the Scorpion.

Best wishes!

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.45 ACP MP5 style of gun


Ar 556


Don’t fret, buy all three in different calibers, I’m already there, but I would go with the AR ( not the “ASSAULT” version, they look scary ) in 5.56 with a 1:7 barrel.
When I stepped up, my wife got this gem for my birthday, a Tavor SAR in 5.56, 1:7.
Great little room clearer with 223 Remington 75 Grain Hornady Match BTHP. Not that I’ve cleared any rooms, but it is quite maneuverable in CQB situation! Awesome accuracy at 25 and 100 yards


I don’t have a shot gun at the moment, that’s next on my list.


AK74 5.45x39


Lots of solid ideas. I did really like shooting the mp5. It was tricked out with a Lazer pointer and holographic sight. I also like the idea of customization on the AR

I have a .270 so i think I’d skip the AR .308 version. I do like the idea of just buying all of them


Wwwhhhaaat! Not having a shotgun in your home, is like, not having pockets on your pants, a thumb on your hand! This could go on all day.
It’s like not having Will Smith around to smack you!
A shotgun is the end all be all, like Brandon has said many times, you can ward off any type of danger by shooting that sucker in the air!
It’s like having a leader with no…,…shotgun shells, that’s it!


My question is…Does your wife have a sister? If my wife bought me a Tavor I would do all the household chores forever.


For crap and giggles I would get a FN-FAL or a Galil. For a Pistol it would be a HiPower. Or a nice Broomhandle Mauser.


No sister, but hang on, I’m doing the dishes,.
I’ll get back to you when the laundry is done. Haven’t shot it yet, the beds not made, the attic stairs are not fixed and I burned dinner!

Actually shoots like a dream, she picked it up as soon as they arrived in the US. My grandsons and I would play CALL of Duty for too many hours, we thought it was the coolest weapon. So now I own one!

Just a heads up, the 11 lb trigger takes some getting used to as well as magazine location! But they sure are fun to shoot akimbo! The center of gravity is set so far back, that you can dual wield them!