What step are you on?

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What step are you on, and how long did it take you to get there?


I haven’t been counting steps, but I have made progress. I can reliably hit a smaller target area at my chosen distances. I have much better trigger control (break, release just far enough to reset, repeat). I am also getting to the range more often. I have started practicing one-handed shooting. I have found a range that will allow drawing from a holster under controlled circumstances.



I’ll say step 119, if we’re going out of a thousand haha. Currently working on different shooting cadences, as well as home defense drills with the lady. I’ve recently got a new rifle zeroed, so it’s nice to be able to practice with that too.


I am my families only protector. I have been carrying a firearm since 1984 since graduating the NYPD Academy.I don’t know how many steps that is. But I continue to carry every single day. Since this pandemic and the way the world is I keep my head on a swivel and my situational awareness has improved. I continue to shoot at the range and watch a lot of USCCA education and training videos. Learning a lot from this forum. I continue to take steps in the right direction. Being retired from law enforcement 16 years and 911 just passing puts a bad taste in my mouth but I continue to strive and I continue to be a responsibly armed citizen.


What step is it where you experience your own little personal crisis when you think about how unprepared you are for various situations that could arise? I think I’m on that step…

Right now I’m learning how to deal with trauma wounds (not the emotional kind)


Let’s see…year 5 of being a concealed carrier, plus 30yrs of gun owner ship…multiplied by average steps per day of 3500…divided by the number of guns owned…carry the 2…aw heck I ain’t ever been that great at math!! :rofl:

Seriously, I’m on the step of continuing to seek and take intermediate trainings (e.g. defensive handgun, intuitive defensive shooting, intuitive defensive carbine, etc)…and trying to hone my practical skill beyond simple marksmanship. Also from a first aid vantage point First Aid certification and Emergency/Survival first aid courses squared away.

But IMO there is no final step…training is forever…


First of all, thanks @Johnnyq60 and all those who are/were on the job, we need you guys now more than ever! Thanks for your service!

This a great question and topic. I wouldn’t even know where to begin trying to gauge where I’m at…all I know is I’m a lot further along from where I began and realize everyday how much farther I’ve got to go.

I audited an instructor course a couple weekends ago to watch from a different perspective and like always, I was humbled watching the team instruct. I went to learn from the instructor point of view, but also knowing I’d take in so much information for me personally as well.

The journey never ends. I like to think each days a new first step toward getting the family home safely. Some days are harder than others, but as we continue to grow as students that journey can be a little less bumpy each time.


Thanks for the mention @Jeff4 :+1:

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I’m an instructor now.
Not even 12 months ago I had NO intention of ever being a Certified Firearms Instructor.

Prior to that, I NEVER would have guessed that I’d go to Gunsite, many times over and over.

Prior to that I never thought I’d own, a “number” of firearms.
I bought my first firearm, a Colt King Cobra 357, in 1990 and NEVER EVER thought I’d own anything else.

I really have no idea what’s next, but it should be fun!
Maybe an African safari? (Naaaa)


Fiz…you forgot you reload???


Step am i on? I am out of coffee again, as ordered some time ago, and hadnt arrived, so I “stepped” out to the camp trailer to make old school coffee.

I am 64 soon to be 65. Many steps in my life, and have tripped several times. Maybe used up 7 or 8 of my nine lives. So maybe speak about the “next” step. I regret any sort of retirement as I enjoy working. My father never retired until in his middle 80’s when macular degeneration got to him.

Next step…continue to shoot, train and take care of my family. Healthy, positive, remain a patriot, never give up or succumb. Thank the almighty I made it thru life this long. Teach others what I know and share my experiences. Thank those that have helped me, and provided me teachings. I am thankful everyday when I wake up, thankful for my wife and family.


Yep, I forgot about this.
Some dude about 15 years ago reloaded, he showed me his setup.
I thought it was the stupidest thing I’d ever seen. Why make rounds when you can just buy 'em?

Wasn’t that silly of me to think that?

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Haven’t counted my steps. I have been carrying since I joined the Philadelphia Police Department, and I am currently employed by Savannah-Chatham County School Police Dept, and that is 28 years of carrying. I am a Glock Certified Armorer. Next step USCCA Instructor.

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