What other issues are you watching?

China undermining our society by supporting our corrupt politicians. Their expanding military capabilities. Their aggressive expansion in the Pacific. Susceptibility of neighboring countries to OBOR.

Iran building nukes. Their expansion of cyber-attacks against the West. Their continued support of fundamentalist terrorist in Africa and the Middle-East.

North Korea building a long-range weapons platform that can deliver a nuke to the US, our territories and allies.

Russia cyber-attacks and further expansion of influence in Europe. Europe folding to terrorists and/or Russian influence.

Our own country ignoring external threats. Being distracted with internal partisanship. Refusing to secure key infrastructure and critical supply-chains.


With the most recent actions by the ATF, this is the number 1 issue I am watching and potentially will make me a single issue voter this year. Matt Gaetz has already been questioning the ATF on their secret bans of certain pistol braces with no response and now their attack of the Honey Badger. I don’t see a more important issue right now. A close second is the Supreme Court and getting the nomination through.


I agree whole-heartedly.


mask, beer virus, vaccine, politics, etc, makes me dizzy, frustrating…what other words can be associated…overwhelming! Am watching to see what medicare plan I should sign up with. In Aug, the mrs had a slight accident with a motorized piece of equipment, and some deep tissue damage, was a huge open sore, however is healing well, and watching it closely.


Watching other issues like my booze inventory and buying up ammunition whenever I can get my hands on it.


Basic human rights, the possibility of invasion and real war, urban warfare.


2A is a polarizing topic, it simplifies it for me.

Those who support it pretty much represent me on other issues as well.

In California, for example, anti-2A legislators came up with
a new bill that would lower penalties for adults who have sexual relations with a minor.
Also, our anti-2A governor promotes climate change while mismanaging our forests.


1860 all over again. I’m no historian, but retirement has its advantages. I see a powerful move to push this Constitutional Republic to a one party one state, not unlike China’s CCP. That would be a terrible legacy. Freedom is at stake.


I have been trying to keep an eye on the public mindset, and how many, as a percentage, are accepting the way things have changed, and how many see it as a problem. This leads me to keep an eye on the public acceptance, or level of outrage, at corrupt information sources the public relies upon, namely, news and various types of media platforms that make up the new “public squares” of our day.

This is particularly difficult because so much of the modern public square, and news & information, is already under the self admitted, or shamelessly obvious, influence of the side that believes in controlling people and what they have access too. like the polls that are cited regularly, much of what we do see is misleading or simply wrong. If there was a revolt against bad news, for example, who exactly should we expect would inform us of it?

Those are the two things I am watching, If I know how those go, the rest can be somewhat predicted in a general sense. Suffice it to say I’m more than a little worried.


Yelp didn’t learn the lesson of that dating website that allowed to smear someone as a cheater.
Good bye Yelp,


Reagan did say, Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction… and if we do not fight for it… we will one day in our sunset years, tell our children and children’s children what America was once like when there was freedom.


As sad as that is, I hope I’m dead by then…


@NickC Thank you! Asked and answered! They can eat dog from the streets as long as I’m gone!


To many to list. I have a political and philosophical view on most issues. Being that I’m pro gun and technically a registered Republican, you can probably guess where I stand on most things, though you might be surprised by a few.


I think you’re in good company here sir🇺🇸


I think I want to change my prior answer.

I think packing the court could be the worst thing to come out of all of this.
It was the beginning of the end for Venezuela.


[quote=“Greg35, post:17, topic:40242”] es
your job just got easier

Perhaps yelp could list places that fly the pan-african flag with a side note on Garveyism or the black owned businesses that were destroyed.

China Ties to US Riots Exposed by Trevor Loudon China Ties to US Riots Exposed by Trevor Loudon

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