What modifications have you made to your gun?

BCM Gun Fighter Grip(chopped)
BCM Mod 3 pistol grip
Sig Saurer Romeo5
Sirefire light
Magpul backups
FAB Defence Stock
KNS anti-roll pins
Spinco buffer spring
Spikes tactical h1 buffesr
Strike industries muzzle/comp
Kagpul trigger guard
BCM rail covers
Magpul qd sling

I plan to get a new trigger and BCG for my ar, but gotta buy ammo and a handgun first. I spent $1.3k total on my first gun. Haha

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When I bought my last pistol, I thought it was too light. So I put bullets in it.

None really. My firearms are pretty much the way they came. Although, I am considering swapping the standard Glock sights for night sights on a couple of my Glocks, and considering the Striker Control Device for my Glocks.

Of the 2 I carry most. A Sig 938 only a grip change. A little more texture. The Ruger 1911 commander being left handed I added an ambidextrous safety.

Pistols stay stock… rifles are not anything close to stock…

Glock 19 only 2 upgrades
1-XS big dot sights
2- magpul magwell