What modifications have you made to your gun?

BCM Gun Fighter Grip(chopped)
BCM Mod 3 pistol grip
Sig Saurer Romeo5
Sirefire light
Magpul backups
FAB Defence Stock
KNS anti-roll pins
Spinco buffer spring
Spikes tactical h1 buffesr
Strike industries muzzle/comp
Kagpul trigger guard
BCM rail covers
Magpul qd sling

I plan to get a new trigger and BCG for my ar, but gotta buy ammo and a handgun first. I spent $1.3k total on my first gun. Haha

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When I bought my last pistol, I thought it was too light. So I put bullets in it.

None really. My firearms are pretty much the way they came. Although, I am considering swapping the standard Glock sights for night sights on a couple of my Glocks, and considering the Striker Control Device for my Glocks.

Of the 2 I carry most. A Sig 938 only a grip change. A little more texture. The Ruger 1911 commander being left handed I added an ambidextrous safety.

Pistols stay stock… rifles are not anything close to stock…

Glock 19 only 2 upgrades
1-XS big dot sights
2- magpul magwell

I have long fingers, so I added Hogue wraparound grips to my 1911. The stock grip didn’t fill my hand sufficiently for me to maintain proper control of the weapon under all circumstances. Other than that, the weapon remains stock. Don’t mess with perfection.

I buy the best defensive weapon I can afford, equipped with the best sights, stocks, and of course the best feel. If asked why I can/will tell my attorney, I buy the safest car possible why not buy the best weapon possible. I don’t modify my cars(anymore) and have no reason to alter my weapons. I am not a gunsmith.
I don’t care if you change your stocks or your sights, if it makes the weapon safer for you, great. I do remember a story of some police officers changing the trigger pull weight on their service weapon. The jury found them guilty, based on the modification which in their mind allowed the trigger to be pulled too easily.
If you buy a weapon that does not measure up to your needs, sell it, buy another, but in my view I suggest, when possible, rent a weapon and try it. The selection of a weapon should be taken with great care, your life may depend on it.

Some upgrades should only be for competition shooting. I have seen videos of accidental discharges due to modifications (not negligent, literal mechanical malfunction discharge). Just sharing.