What kind of home security do you have?

Absolutely true. Nothing I post in here will ever trace back to me in real life!

You might want to bring this soap box out again.

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Ring cameras on exterior only, A few wyze cams looking from the inside at the back door and front door. The ring alarm system. A few animals and defensive tools …

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We have ‘defense in depth.’ LOL

  • Ring Floodlight Cam on outside (I was a beta tester for it)
  • Ring sensors on all doors; about to do windows
  • Camera for living room & bedroom ONLY when we are away
  • 2 outside dogs (one’s a Pyrenees Mix; the other’s a Newfoundland mix) and both are very good boys
  • Firearms on inside (AK, AR, 9mm, and 12GA shotgun)

With all of this said, I’m ashamed to admit that until recently we’ve not used the ‘home’ alarm setting @ night. We’re going to change that tonight.

Side note: I’m aware Ring ‘can get hacked.’ For those of you who may be nerds, I’m also an IT guy (DoD), and I’ve got the Ring network and all of the other IoT (internet of things) sandboxed in its own VLAN on my networking equipment such that it cannot communicate with anything but Ring equipment and servers. Also have passwords set, 2FA, the whole 9 yards. Haven’t been hacked yet.

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