What is your system

A critical defense element that is extremely important is the use of a consistent system.

A system consists of a holster, draw, practice, dry fire, and range techniques to name a few.

Everyone’s system can and will vary based on personal preference of what works best for them.

The more we can practice our systems the better and less relevant anyone else’s opinions become.

For example I prefer external safeties such as my p938 legion and soon to own p226 legion Sao :drooling_face: As one can imagine that sparks the age old…and tiring…debate of striker vs da/sa vs sao for CC… Let me tell you…I’m highly proficient in Sao with an external safety because I have a system that I train to. Part of my draw disables the external safety and it’s smooth and natural for me.

Having said all of this, what system do you have and use and how do you train to hone it?


It really depends on what your range allows!

But if your talking about drawing practice always make sure your clear [ I know that seems obvious but we can all make a mistake].

Also, don’t worry so much about speed but rhythm and being on target! Also, have you drawn with something in your hand?

I learned this through a police officer:
They don’t necessarily say “DROP IT” for the suspect to drop their weapon [Although that does apply] say something is in your hand your first reaction is to throw[wasting time] but if you say drop it, your mind will react the way you speak[saving time].


I training about 2x per week and start with a benchmark drill. There’s a zillion of these, but I use a speed and dot-torture combo.

After that, I practice on a proficiency plan the owner of my company created, then I end with the same drill I started with. I skim the results for improvement — sometime I don’t improve, sometimes I do. Most times it’s about the same.

My goal, though I want to get better, is to stay at my current proficiency.

Our standards:

  1. Any clothing: CC Draw and hits at 8” target from 15 yrd in -2 seconds

  2. Any clothing: CC Draw and hits at 8” target from 10 yards 10 shots -10 seconds.

  3. Any clothing: CC Draw and hits at 8” target 2 shot, reload, 2 shot from 10 yards -5 seconds.

These standards are fairly easy to accomplish with minimal practice. Anyone with intermediate skills can get these in a single practice session.


That sounds like a fantastic drill series. :+1:


I am blessed to belong to a range that allows me to put up any targets and practice any way I want (besides full auto).
Drill 1: I kind of emulate the NRA CCW qual
AP2 target spray painted on an old pizza box and a shot timer app
All draws are from concealment (under clothes).

  1. 3 yards–2 shots/ 4 seconds
  2. 5 yards–3 shots/4.5 seconds
  3. 7 yards–3 shots/5 seconds
  4. 10 yards–5 shots/ 8 seconds
    Mag changes
  5. 5 yards–1 +2/ 8 seconds x 5
  6. 7 yards–2 + 2/10 seconds x5
  7. 7 yards–3 +4/ 15 seconds x 5

I do the same types of drills at home dry firing on a sized down target on a piece of regular 8.5x11, and I use a dry fire drill app called ‘Dry Fire Timer’ on my IPhone (it was ~$9, but it is wonderful).

The best new thing I’ve found is the mantis x app and hardware. I can’t say enough good about how it trains you for better trigger control.

The other outdoor drill I like is the OPOTA pistol qual available here. My church uses this as the standard for their safety services team.