What is wrong in Broward County, FL?

What is wrong with Broward County? First they refuse to respond to a school shooting, now they’re refusing to respond to home invasions! There’s something systemic going on, and they need to be smacked down!


All I can say is, WOW!


Two things:

  1. I’ve been telling people on this site since becoming a member that --“The Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that law enforcement have no obligation to protect you as an individual” And have been branded a cop hater (tho’, as I continue to remind people, cops are there to neither hate nor like).

  2. There is a Youtube channel called “LEO Roundtable” where a police LT (the host) actually says that if he doesn’t want to respond to a call he tells dispatch to mark it as answered and resolved.

NO!!! You CANNOT trust the police and MUST be your own protector and first responder.

One other quick note: A few years back, in South Omaha, a young lady called the police to report a man trying to break in… Omaha P.Ds policy is to wait for backup a few blocks away before responding-- after 20 minutes, backup arrived and they found the women— dead!!!


I live one county up from Broward. Not surprised at all. This is what systematic leadership problems look like.
Also, not surprised at the residents, the entire neighbourhood pleading for police help against one a-hole stumbling around. If adults are not willing to help themselves in such dire situation, even asking 911 for permission to use a weapon if he succeeds in busting the door - why should you expect anyone from the outside come for help? Leftist is as leftist does.


Screw asking for permission to defend myself or family with a weapon. Defend yourself and you family. We have a God given right to defend ourselves and family.


I’ll tell ya what’s wrong with Broward: It’s the leadership. And it won’t change. Broward is so blue there’s no way to flip it red… yet.

The incident you speak of happened not too far from here. It’s in Tamarac District 2 which is helmed by one Mike Gelin. Gelin ambushed a cop at an awards ceremony last year, ridiculed him and all of this was in front of cameras. No reprimand from our mayor. Gelin is running for mayor next round. His beef? In his mind, he was unfairly arrested a couple of years ago by the very deputy he ambushed in that awards ceremony. An elected official used a public function to shame and ridicule a BSO deputy. That’s what’s wrong with Broward. We keep electing the wrong sorts to office.

I’m armed even in my own house. And I mean on my person or at arm’s reach while I’m in the house. So’s my phone.


Yep!!! You can see that perfectly in the Omaha self-defense incident. The police stand down (I mean redeploy) setting up the scene by their absence and then claim innocence.

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You should look up a report on teachers’ safety in Broward schools. Whatever you can imagine, pregnant teacher pushed down the stairs by multiple kids. Another teacher raped by “special needs” student. Yet another female teacher slammed into the wall by a “child”, arm broken. Even after the MSD massacre they did not replace the superintendant, whose policies are a cause of all this.


Corrupt Sheriffs department. The two deputies that cowardly hid and stayed outside of the school were both “fired” except they waited long enough so that the firings were illegal and now they are both back to work, after drawing the full pay while they were being “investigated”.


I don’t think it can get any worse than that! Knock on wood!

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It boggles my mind when people vote for all these things and then are surprised with the results. They have voted their way into this. That police department is disgraceful (I don’t use that term lightly).

For Parkland, they only entered the Parkland school when police from other counties got tired of waiting and then went in.