What.is the .best.way.to.carry.your.E.D.C..

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Very simple, not complicated, LOADED, one in the chamber :exclamation:
I had to add that for some newbies!
LOADED to me, means one in the chamber, full magazine inserted.


Not sure how much more I will add to the conversation. There are a wide variety of circumstances that may dictate your carry style. Here are a few:

Loose/tight fit clothing
Dress for the occasion
Body type
Tool of choice
Ability to draw

All of which are supplements to continuous training.

My preferred method is AIWB. Certain situation may warrant OWB at 3 o’ clock.


To those that chose to switch out during different seasons… why? I’m very curious.

Is it comfort?

Is your winter carry gun more effective but too big for summer carry?

Is it variety? Fashion statement :grin:


You may want to find out what’s going to work for you now, otherwise you’ll wake up one day wondering who did the bone marrow test on your hip.


For me it’s multiple reasons…

In the summer, I wear lighter clothes that tend to come up and over the firearm when carrying IWB or OWB when doing physical-labor type activities… particularly those that require a lot of working on things on or near the ground (like landscaping, working on baseboards, etc.). AIWB has worked better for me for concealment for this environment. AIWB is also less intrusive when in a vehicle, and easier to access.

In the winter, a heavier coat’s material prevents it from riding up and revealing the firearm when working on items near the ground (like a snow blower). Having the firearm on the side also helps when carrying heavy things, like large boxes that I tend to have the edge resting on my stomach/belt line. Additionally, when wearing at 3 o’clock, it is very comfortable in the car (versus 4-5 o’clock).

A 3 o’clock OWB is my favorite carry position, but isn’t always the best for concealment. When it’s not, I find the AIWB fits my needs.

As mentioned in another post, I sometimes where a shoulder holster in the winter depending on the task at hand. Similarly, I sometimes wear the AWIB in the winter because I keep my Parka unzipped at the bottom and it’s easier to access the firearm AIWB or shoulder holster with a two-zip long parka than clear my side.


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That ^, as Scotty said.

More and heavier clothing conceals better. There are more options in the cooler/colder months.


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