What is the best response?

Between tik tok, Twitter, any form of social media when I talk about defending my rights, and why I have an AR-15 for self defense, because they always ask why we need it, they hit the low baller of a question, “So you would rather have dead kids?”

What is a good response, I’m thinking of a response right now as in separating this in 2 different scenarios.

  1. Scenario your kid dies in a school shooting

  2. Scenario your kid gets kidnapped from school and is never to be found.

Both scenarios have a common denominator which is school security, and it’s no longer about the rifle, and I have my personal defenses at home.

I’m also thinking about the trap of the question, and relating it to my force on force class, where I’m outside my house, my doors been kicked in, I shout out anybody there? I’m armed! And there was a lady screaming my name saying he has a knife.

In this scenario I went in, cleared rooms, and once engaged did not leave my piece of cover, he’s got her in a position to where I can’t shoot him, so he’s here trying to “bait me” away from my cover so he can pull out a gun and get his shot, I never let him pull it off, and was able to get him to let her go, but I seen his shirt lift up and his firearm, and there was no way I was going to beat him to the draw, so I went behind cover, and he fired his 2 shots, missing me, and I re-appeared to take a shot, and they called a cease fire.

I had my line in the sand and I wasn’t giving it up. These schools lower their defenses, kids get assaulted, kidnapped, shot, and people are out here trying to say I’m the problem, because I’ve put my line in the sand, and say no, our schools need to do better, and our law enforcement needs to be held accountable, and we need to put effective systems in place to secure our schools.


They need to understand the AR doesn’t do anything without the evil person who picks it up. It is an inanimate object, like their cell phone they tweet from.
Do they drink alcohol? How many kids have died in accidents involving alcohol and automobiles?
Gotta ban alcohol and automobiles otherwise you’ll have dead kids.


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Because it is our right to protect ourselves from dangerous people who do not care about anything.
Because we have an obligation as citizens to protect our country from a tyranny government foreign or domestic.
Because we are responsible gun owners.


I always ask, have you bought or even tried buying an AR-15?


Another common denominator is mental health. Many of the school shooters involve folks with obvious mental issues who are well known to authorities who fail to do something as simple as report them to the NICS.


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I just don’t have the energy to respond to that kind of stuff. You’ll never convince them and most seem to just want an argument.

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