What is a good carry revolver for a beginner?

My fiancee has never owned a pistol before but wants one now to carry for protection. She has little to no experience with firearms. My thoughts were for her to get a .38 revolver. A revolver because it is easy to use, less likely to jam, easy to load, and compact enough to carry. My son, ex military, does not share my opinion on this being a good first carry pistol. His feeling is that the .38 does not have enough stopping power. He is suggesting a 9mm semi-auto. I know her well enough to know that she may be overwhelmed with the semi-auto and therefore would not carry it. My carry guns as she says are too big for her so they are not an option. I have .40 and .45 that i typically carry. I’m sure this has been asked before but i wanted some fresh feedback.

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