What if scenario: Defense against critters

This is completely hypothetical… I’m sure some of you have heard stories on the news where an animal has inadvertently entered a home or building. Sometimes it’s a deer breaking through a window, sometimes it’s another critter sneaking in an open door.

Although extremely unlikely in my opinion (apologies if you have experienced otherwise), can you think of a scenario where you could not get an animal to leave your residence/building and would have to use force? What would potential follow up be?

I thought of this while riding the train home and looking into the woods. I also didn’t sleep well so was maybe a little loopy after a long day :slight_smile:


Tennis racquet for bats, thay have a harder time seeing it coming. :bat: :badminton:


I think this can be a real concern in areas that are infested with predators, like the mountain lion population in CA or the bear population in NJ. If there are too many predators and not enough food that can make them turn their attention to alternative food sources.


We had a raccoon hiding in the rafters of my garage. We didn’t want to hurt him, just wanted him out. We tried using an airsoft gun to get him to leave. He would just rub where it hit him and give us dirty looks. We finally got him down and out safely using an 18ft paint roller extension by poking and prodding him down.