What if Mob…


If you feel you absolutely need to defend your life (or the life of another innocent) against a mob to protect yourself or another person against threat of death, great bodily harm or criminal sexual assault then you do whatever it takes and afterwards deal with the consequences if you survive.

Queue in Kyle Rittenhouse…

In ALL cases where deadly force becomes an option the only question you need to ask is am I willing to die or go to jail over this? If the answer is yes then proceed.


I understand what he is saying, but when a group of people threatening you is intent on forcing you to do something, your mind is not thinking, oh, this one is non-violent, but this one might/is, so I will only shoot that one, not the other one. Just because one in a mob is not “threatening” at that point in time, does not mean he/she will not be in the next instant.

That applies directly to us. We are not dangerous until attacked, they are not technically dangerous until they attack us. When a mob is threatening violence, they are all potentically dangerous. Are you supposed to ask each one whether or not he/she is intent on harming you?

i respect him and understand where he is coming from, but his commentary would make us question our actions at the time when hestitation could harm/kill us. Anyone in a mob that is approaching you at that point is a threat that needs to be addressed. As he pointed out, regarding the “Old West”, people most likely do not want to take a bullet for the rest of the mob. Once one or more are shot, they will likely all flee, as none want to be shot and possibly killed. We have read this in numerous self-defense scenarios.


There would be a LLLOOOTTT of bodies with tire tread marks all over them. Others would be suffering gunshot wounds. I save myself first. Not going to sit to figure out what to do.


I’m sticking to my .45ACP 185 gr. holllowpoint. Goes in like a pea exits like a watermelon!
To keep the enemy from coming forth, show them the potential harm! Sun Tzu.
In a mob situation, I may not draw my firearm, but I will surely use my gas pedal! The mob can determine the speed!

Reginald Denny said all those nice things after they bashed in his brain, don’t be a Reginald Denny!

Even if I use deadly force on the “ONE” that broke the car window, they’re going to say prove it. 500 witnesses said it wasn’t him!

Good luck out there trying to hit the right person! If my life is in danger, so is theirs!

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Where is this guy from?? In Mississippi You would ABSOLUTELY have the right to use lethal force in this situation.


The lawyer? Washington State. Massad Ayoob? The USA. The use of lethal force has many components. What both are stating, is just because there is a “mob”, you might not be legally “allowed” to use lethal force.

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These are not our daddies mobs of the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s. These days they burn down entire cities, destroy United States landmarks, set up their on summer of love cities with their own laws.
Soon we’re going to see NY implode, those mobs have been brainwashed to kill, all of them. Not just the one with the balaclava and green bandanna!
As far as I’m concerned, the mob is one! We’ve seen it! Don’t want to experience it!

FYI when the mob rushed the Israelis at the festival, which one would you have picked for your use of deadly force? Asking for a friend!


The lawyer was who I was asking about. I don’t question Ayoob. I absolutely would use deadly force in that situation. You have absolutely no idea what each individual’s intent is. In MS i have no duty to retreat if I am lawfully in a place I have a right to be in. The mob was in a place they did NOT have the right to be in. Impeding traffic on a busy street ad then attempting to accost the driver? He was already pepper sprayed! Do what you think you need to do in that situation but I am going to do absolutely everything in my power to get away from there safely with my life still intact.


Read my prior post in reference to Massad Ayoob’s video. I respect him greatly, I disagree with him in this instance, but I understand where he is coming from. I would like to see his reactions in some of these “events” we have seen on video. Then we can comment on his reactions. :sunglasses:




On a road trip, once we merged to I-5 north, we’re pretty much set so I asked my daughter to turn off the GPS. Her reply was an eye opener. She keeps the GPS on so she could avoid heavy traffic.

Avoidance is key.

I’m not second-guessing Rittenhouse but you wouldn’t find me in a situation he was in.


In many states with castle doctrine laws your car counts as your “castle”. In NC you can use deadly force to “prevent” someone from illegally entering your domicile, car, office, hotel room etc. bang on the window with intent to break it and get to the driver or passenger and your ticket has been punched. Now it’s up to the individuals) inside the car to decide to grant you clemency for your stupidity and lack of knowledge.


This crap is happening more and more in Florida. Too many people getting too violent. I can tell you, when you’ve got a big boat on the back, there’s no quickly getting away from anything, and thugs could be up in your boat in a moment meaning you can’t drive away fom them if you want to.

A couple days ago 3 home invaders were shot not far from my house. They broke in mid day not expecting anyone home. Thank God the owner was armed and able to defend himself. One dead, one in the hospital and the other caught by the Sheriff within an hour. Two nights ago a huge shooting broke out in Tampa. A thug got mad and started blasting, hitting like a dozen people at a street party, killing 2 I think. I hate crowds.

It feels like society is going Clockwork Orange, and ultraviolence is the way of the day.


Same in Mississippi. Your vehicle is an extension of your home.

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This happened in my state.

The best way to avoid trouble, is to not be there.

Mobs on the other hand… the political climate needs to change so that those who defend themselves or flee an angry mob, should be treated as the victims instead of giving power to the mob.