What have you learned from your Wife, Significant Other or Daughters in their Self Defense Journey?

If you have really listened and observed what have you learned?

I can tell you what Bruce learned from me. He was never into shopping until I began taking him to Goodwill and Flea Markets. After he began finding all kinds of items useful and interesting to him, he now really enjoys it. He has found old tools, knives, sticks for potential canes, backpacks, fishing lures, and brand new outdoor and hunting clothing and boots. The best part is most items are about 25% or less than you buy it in a store.


Some good, some bad, some bitter.

  1. My wife and daughter are both stronger than me. 12/19/18 taught me that (look it up on forums).

  2. To let their journeys be their own. Be there as an advisor if asked. But my main job. Is to be a cheerleader for them.

  3. That I can be scared, yes even terrified due to decisions they make but I can’t force my worldview on them.

  4. Baby steps. Man, baby steps.

  5. Protect them from what I can, and accept I can not be everywhere.

Last, but most powerful for me. To never leave my loved ones without them knowing I love them.


@Zavier_D thanks for posting man, the last line is so powerful and so true, I tell Nancy every day I love her because you just never know. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you. It’s the most powerful lesson I have had to learn.


I mentioned somewhere here before that I was in a horrible explosion and spent 36 days in a burn unit in 2018. Somehow I survived an explosion, fire, and the shrapnel that missed me. The hospital stay was an incredible experience. My mrs NEVER left my side, I really don’t know how she did it. Our daughter had to be left on her own, attend school, g ma did stay a week or 2 with her. Our son came from a distance, and also stayed a few weeks. Our neighbors helped and prayed. My family gave me the support I needed for recovery. In Dec. of 2018, we trained some new instructors. I was scared to death to fire any kind of a firearm, as I didn’t know if I could absorb the recoil or even hit a target. The mrs coached me, scolded, prodded, and finally I fired a single round, and hit a target. I had an unbelievable recovery, due to the mrs research on supplements, chewing my behind, etc. Our daughter went on walks with me to build my strength. My mrs is 500% pro second amendment, and in a code red situation she will be spot on, so to speak. In our training journey over the years, she picks up and analyzes some of the points I miss. Today, yes I am greyed haired, but am able to shoot with better accuracy than before. I owe my recovery to my wife and daughter, and son. I like to tell my story to give others the hope, training, or coaching. Bruce and Xavier said above “you just never know”…


Words of the day “you just never know”…If you don’t tell your loved ones you love them, you never know,…you never know when you will be attacked or robbed, raped or killed. If we train, if we prepare, maybe our “you just never know” will be minimalized. Stay safe.


@SKIdaho That is one thing I learned in Search and Rescue, Death is Arbitrary.The drunk driver doesn’t care, the criminal doesn’t care, the speeder doesn’t care, you can be a good person or a bad person, it only matters if you turn left or right when you leave the house. You just never know.


Wow! An inspiring story, thank you. It is during the desperate times and the long haul you find your true friends and soul mates.


What I learned from/about Nancy. She doesn’t look it but she is a very strong willed women.
She is more confrontational then me, in a good way.
She can buy a firearm on her own.
She can shoot my full size .45, a 12ga. pump w/slugs and buck and an AK 47 even though she prefers her 1022.
She has my back no matter what, she has proven that these past 7 months.
I no longer doubt she can pull the trigger if need should arise.
She is my all, my Soul Mate. :kissing_heart: