What has USCCA taught you?

Beth, Keep up the good work! I have handed out the “Womens Handgun and self-defense” book out to women who have been talking about self-defense. I am no longer a certified instructor because I live in Washington State but, I share your book with them in hopes they will read it and seek out training. Over-all I just hope that they will learn from it and the knowledge will keep them safe.
Again, thank you for all that you do!


I have had the pleasure of attending two of the free classes given in the Tennessee area and i must admit the instructor was great abd on point with information she shared. Because of the fact I am a Gemini, I happen to be the silent type and avoid most situations with words but growing up in Chicago i have not yet learned to remove myself from the area unless I have family with me.


I learned a lot from Your videos on training and the laws for conceal and carry.


I’ve learned that the USCCA (all of you fine folks who run the place) have my back if I should be so unfortunate as to get into a shooting incident. I’ve also learned what to say and what NOT to say should that event occur. I’m an experienced shooter (over 60 years of experience), a retired Army veteran, a reloader since 1966, and never cease to learn something each time your fine publication “Concealed Carry” comes out. I even learned how to fight better with my cane (which nearly was confiscated recently by TSA because if it’s obvious “alternate intended use” as a defensive weapon! I have had more than one occasion to consider using a firearm to defend myself or others and managed to avoid displaying it publically during the emergenecies. In one case, I THOUGHT I was witnessing an attempted rape, but it was just a drunken altercation between a man and a woman. (I did intervene and broke them up using words, without touching anyone.) In the other event, it was an actually assault on myself, but I managed to get out of it with a vehicular retreat without displaying my firearm (which I had in my hand, concealed, but ready to use).