What event is worth it?


As we’re watching the Super Bowl, I’m thinking I wouldn’t give up carrying to go to the Super Bowl, I’ll watch it at home.

What event is important/awesome enough for you to go to without carrying?


None any more. Not worth it.

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The only thing that comes to mind is my children’s school events - graduations specifically.

I luck out that my kids are older so I don’t have to worry about school events anymore :slight_smile:


My child that is old enough is homeschooled, and outside of that, everywhere i go is weapons friendly… even gamestop…


That’s the events for me. Only things that directly pertain to my child, at the school.

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Don’t let the libs know you homeschool, they’ll try to make your house a gun free zone!!


Believe it or not, we have quite a large number of liberal members of the USCCA, @Kerryman71! :smiley:

Did you see that some Colorado schools are allowing their teachers to carry? This is an older article, but still a good read: https://www.denverpost.com/2018/07/08/colorado-teacher-guns-schools-classroom/


I’ve tried having that conversation here in MA. It generally isn’t worth it with some of the people around here.

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None. I have skipped many events because I can’t carry.

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We homeschool too! Shooting is one of our electives.


Shooting, hand to hand combatives, and threat analysis are part of my sons ciriculum…


@Tankrachet86 that’s awesome that you get to teach your son hand to hand combat, threat analysis and shooting for electives. I unfortunately don’t get those options because I have a month left of my homeschooling.

As for @Dawn’s question… I don’t go anywhere I can’t carry. When I looked for colleges to attend, it came to whether or not I could carry. I don’t feel comfortable NOT carrying. And when I find a job to start my electrician training I’ll probably carry (if it’s more of an independent company) and not tell anyone. Then if it comes up, it comes up and I’ll deal with it.


I dont even have them as electives… i have it as this will save your life. Your learning them…


Well I got confused with someone else’s post and combined it with yours mentally.
But yes it will save your life. I’ve had to learn threat analysis as I went. I’ve come to the point where I’m pretty sure I can look at someone and figure out if they’re acting normal or not.


Right. But you can list it on the high school transcript as an elective and count it as a credit in my state.


Getting on a plane’s about it for me.

That said and without violating any rules on here I’ll say this. A wise man once said “there’s a difference in what you’re allowed to do and what you’re able to do”.


I wish schools had that today @Tankrachet86! My kids did Tae Kwon Do and I taught them to shoot. More kids need the physical outlet and the sense of accomplishment from learning to shoot!


I jist got dont updating my ar a little more, so i think for his birthday this year im gonma take hime to a range to shoot… but i have a few things set up for him… when we do family walks durimg the summer… i ask questions like how many street lights did we pass? How many women in red shirts? How many pick up trucks drove past us?? Detail recall, which is a good exercise for anyome really…

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Street names, intersections, addresses, mile markers on the highway; all important things to teach and be aware of ourselves.

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Except some retail stores!! I always watch for the signs!