What do you do to promote Pro-Gun sentiment?


As an NRA instructor (USCCA - you’re next on my list of certifications!), aside from hosting classes, I have offered to take any of my “day job” coworkers to the range for an hour to teach them the basics of pistol shooting for free, and have had a really good response from them.

What are other ways that you all use to bring people over to “The Dark Side”? :slight_smile:


Great topic. I have brought my mom, sister, and other family members over and all are now concealed carry, and some uscca members. I found that they simply feared what they didn’t know. A good 4-5 hrs talking about the nomenclature, safety, and responsibility of firearms (and several hrs on the range) brought them to the understanding that its simply a tool that will do what you instruct it to do. Which can possibly save your life.


I’m lucky enough to work at a company that does not restrict our ability to “conceal” carry and there are at least 6 of us that do. We also have several young women who live alone or whose spouses travel leaving them home alone. I’ve offered to take any of them to the range at any time they want to go to teach them gun safety and help them get familiar with firearms. We recently had a threat against one of our female employees so all of us were on a much higher alert level than normal. Several from my team come up to me that week to tell me they felt much safer knowing there was an “extra” level of protection in the office over and above our locked glass doors and panic button…


I’m a NRA Certified Range Safety Officer and an Affiliate Firearms Instructor with USCCA. I also use to run one of the shooting divisions at my gun club. And I do volunteer at my gun club when they need extra help at their main range during the holidays. I also wear PRO-GUN SHIRTS that I have from all of the groups that I’m a member of or belong to. And those are the NRA, NAGR, their FRONT LINE DEFENDERS, JPFO, 2A FOUNDATION, GOA, and of course USCCA. I have also helped people at the range do their shooting and handling of firearms safely. And have even taught some kids how to shoot and follow firearms safety. And I love doing it as well.


Well, I have a hard time converting my co-workers :rofl:

I have converted a number of family members and friends of my mom’s who were very anti-firearm. I haven’t gotten all of them to shoot, but I have gotten them to understand the different terminology and do some research for themselves (a lot are in the education field and love research, so I’m using their interests to help them understand firearms).


The most important thing is to be responsible. Open carry, while legal in my state, sends the wrong message to the non-gunner. I laugh when I’m at Walmart and see one of the local God old boys with his lama .45 and a cheap nylon holster. Professionalism and respect for the other guy signal that you are a responsible gun owner.


I simply try to maintain general enthusiasm about the subject of firearms and shooting. It is no secret to my family and friends where I stand on guns. However, I am NEVER confrontational about it. I simply try to inform those who are curious, and I regularly invite folks to the range. Even if I get only one or two to take me up on the offer, that’s a win in my book.