What do I do when: Oil change with guns in the car

I have a question I have to take my car in for an oil change and the place I take it to is posted property. After get done I want to go to the range. I would like to know what to with my gun while the car is being serviced. I am from Wisconsin. Any advice would be helpful.


Can you take it somewhere else? If not, I wouldn’t leave a gun in a car that isn’t secure. Just have to make the trip back home and then hit the range.


In such case I keep firearm in a “range bag”. Ammo in carton box in trunk. If I have eyes on my car during oil change, the bag sits in the car, otherwise I take it with me.
You are OK with any place, even gun free zone, if your unloaded firearm is in box.

I would just lock everything in the trunk, and if you have the tires rotated supply your lock adapter if you have one while checking in to prevent the need to search your vehicle. If they don’t see it they don’t know it exists. As an auto mechanic I find it irritating to have to look for wheel lock adapters.


As a followup, and a quick PSA for anyone that reads this. Most auto shops do not have wheel lock adapters available, so make yours handy when you go for service that requires removal of your wheels. doing so will reduce the chances of making the mechanic angry, and you won’t get your car back with everything in your glove box, center council, or trunk all strewn about because an upset mechanic had to search it just to find said wheel nut adapter.

Obeying the laws is important to all responsibly armed Americans.

@Kristine1, I agree with @45IPAC, run home after the oil change to get your guns. Or visit somewhere that is pro-Second Amendment.


Easy solution, do what I do, change it yourself :grin:


Are you offering to do oil changes for everyone in the USCCA Community, @Gary_H? :smiley:


You have oil and water, they dont mix. One factor needs to change. Personaly, I’d go somewhere else for an oil change. I have a very hard time leaving range bag in car if I’m not within 10 feet and line of sight of car.

That’s assuming you get out of the car for an oil change. If it’s a drive thru type place, I would argue you’re in your own property.

Many places are making warranties dependent on an SAE certified mechanic performing the service. Also, anymore, it it’s almost cheaper to have the shop do it.

@45IPAC, I don’t own any vehicles still under warranty :frowning: , so no certified mechanic required :grin:

@Dawn, if they bring their own oil and filter, I will provide tools and supervision, as long as it’s not a Bugatti! Well, maybe a Bugatti provided I get to drive it :+1:


If it’s a Bugatti, I’ll change the oil if I get to drive it!!

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Amen. Nothing like a job well done diy!


Just my personal experience…

While living in another state, I used the closest Buick dealer for car maintenance and repair. I didn’t notice, until my portable CD player went missing, but it’s my opinion that they were stealing things out of my car during services… car was pretty messy. When I told the service manager, he said that the posted signs said they are not responsible for loose items in the vehicle. I don’t trust leaving valuable items in my vehicle during services anywhere anymore.

For the record, it’s not the only service place I’ve been disappointed with… like the time a young lady service manager at a Chrysler dealer said that Chrysler doesn’t allow dealers to service, repair, or replace tires.

I have a gun safe in my car that I use, but the problem is I give the keys to the attendant and on that key is the safe key. So far I have not had any problems when in for service.
I did have an accident one time where my car needed to be towed and then they kept it for a month. I was able to ride with the tow truck and then get everything out that I wanted. Put the firearm and other junk into a grocery bag. I felt weird walking around with my gun in the bag, but I was going right home.
I sometime think about what will happen when I am in an accident and hauled off to the hospital or something and don’t see my car again. Just a gamble I guess, part of the chance we have to take.

I don’t worry about it since, as others have said, I do my own oil changes. That being said, with only one exception I don’t have guns in my car that aren’t on my person. The exception being when I am going to the range, in which case I may have half a dozen or so in cases and range bags. And when I am going to the range, I am going to the range and nowhere else. No side errands, just out to the range an home again.

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I always have 2 sets of keys o my car on me when I’m out. And the reason is that I learned from my father who use to lock his keys in his car all of the time. And then had to break into it. So I always have 2 sets on me. And when I take my car in I give the second set of keys. And the second set doesn’t have keys to my home or gun cases on them. But the places that I take my car for service are not GUN FREE ZONES. And the people there are PRO GUNS. And we’ve talked about guns some times when I go in for service as well.

Forget about the oil change, do it another day. Even if you find a 2-A friendly shop, I would still NEVER leave a range bag and/or firearm in the car. Period. I usually change my own oil, but in the few instances I have not, I never do it on a range day. I always carry, most of the shops here in sunny NC are 2-A friendly, and I keep my firearm happily nestled by my appendix.


Update because of Covid19 ended up a different ended up at a different service provider as my normal one was only doing emergency service for essential people.