What Divides Us

Sad but true, people should standup for what’s right and not hide and be silent!!

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Unfortunately, we don’t have a consensus on what is right, and that can leave us silent to the tyranny of majority at times.

There are some things we disagree on. When a killer can be tried for double murder of a pregnant woman, she, her, whatever the hell, then the person that kills the chid in the womb is also a murderer. Birth control or abstaining is how you prevent the " problem" you want to kill. Exceptions should be rape or imminent death of mother if delivered, although loosing the baby is terrible. My 1st wife and I lost our first to be born at 1 month. It was called an instantaneous abortion. She went to use the restroom and screamed for me to come to her now. The baby fetus was floating in the water. Had 2 more with her before she found a new hubby, she wasn’t as devoted as I thought, and 2 more with my current and devoted wife. All my kids are adults now and I still grieve for my missing 1st child. I also feel that if you are born with a penis, you’re a male, a. female part (not allowed to say in this forum although penis is ok stupid) makes you female. I’ve heard there’s some with both, but haven’t seen any, only pretenders who alter their organs. Sad. Just my opinion, you got yours. My 2A is how ALL the other amendments are protected. Wanna dominate a country, disarm them and kill enough to make an example. BTW, the AR (which stands for “Armalite Rifle” not assault rifle) is today’s version of 1700’s Musket and yet is not an assault rifle. Those are the machine gun version which are banned to us commoners if made after 1986. Those made prior to 1986 are astronomically not affordable. Agree to disagree, glad you do.

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Thanks for your words of wisdom. Me too.

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Bumping this, because it is just as true today, especially now in 2020.

We as a country, need to climb off our soapboxes, and start trying to bridge the gap that divide us. This scorched Earth policy on all sides of the spectrum needs to stop.


We are divided along racial, political, economic, & religious lines. For me, I believe the division has always existed. Today though, we have social media which allows everyone to say what they want with minimal consequences. SM has connected folk from different parts of the country to others with similar views. Obviously, this can be a good thing or it can be bad.
I see nothing that makes me believe that we will ever be truly the “UNITED STATES” other than in name. I think the divide is getting worse by the day. There are things I’m willing to be flexible on yet others that require a firm stance with no budge. I think this is true for just about everyone. But the older I get & as I watch my boys play, I am now more loyal & committed to a set of principles more than my (so called) race, political party, or church denomination. So, I find kindred spirits in various shades of mankind.
My conclusion is that it would take some foreign invasion by another nation or some annihilation force of extra-terrestrials to make us put aside those racial, political, economic, & religious differences. It would be hard to see me as ONLY a lazy N**** or gang member when I bust the :alien: on your 6 with a well-placed head shot. :100::muscle:t5::v:t5:

Well, thankfully, so far we still live in a Representative Republic. :grinning:


After yesterday’s peaceful demonstration in VA, I would have to disagree with you on that. The divide will get worse if that’s what we focus on instead of focusing on what unites us and celebrating what makes us different.

Set the example, be the change you want to see in the world for your children and grandchildren.

What can one person do? Start a positive domino affect… We will reap what we sew.

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Need to go to “actions speak louder than words” rather than “volume beats fact 100% of the time”

I am glad I was wrong about yesterday. All things considered, it had the ingredients for a disaster. For there to be no violence or skirmishes is remarkable. I wish I shared your optimism & hope. I see, from time to time, glimmers of unity and folk coming together across lines. It’s beautiful but far too often brief. You are correct about reaping & sowing or seed time & harvest. I am saying that I cannot see a nation where division is not present.
Thank you for your perspective @Dawn. RESPECT :100::v:t5:

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(Edit to add: I started this reply on Monday but my keyboard literally died mid sentence and I just got a new one today)

Just left the 2A Richmond VA rally and I have not seen this topic before but it brings up some interesting observations and self reflections that I observed and felt today.

Today I saw AMERICAN’s from every walk of life, political spectrum, socio economic background, race, color, creed sexual orientation and identification all in the same place with the same common goals, to defend the 2A rights enumerated in the US and VA constitutions via the 1st Amendment.

I heard a black man speak eloquently about the 2nd Amendment being not just for gun rights but for civil rights AND he was RIGHT in a context I never considered.

I saw an Asian man in Antifa garb/colors carrying an AR-15 defend himself (verbally) from a bunch of folks that disagreed with his political views but was there to defend the 2A and I was good with that.

I ran across a Liberal that thoroughly despised conservative values but stood with us to defend the 2A.

I listened and engaged “duck hunters” that grumbled amongst themselves about the folks walking around with AR-15’s in full battle garb as being “Too extreme and not what we need to portray”.

I myself looked at these “kids” in their brand new plate carriers, with pouches, bags, med kits and “O+” & “Punisher” Velcro patches and thought “They obviously never had to carry all that crap for real.” My own bias against “Air Soft Commando’s”

Even here on this forum we segregate ourselves into “Glock Guys/Girls” and “1911 Guys/Girls” and a host of others. There are some here that don’t like AR’s or AK’s or any other variation of “Assault Rifle” but they are here because they support the 2A. There are hunting camps that I have gone to that you were ostracized if you had a “hunting AR” and not a real rifle with wood and blue steel. We have become a population of HYPHENS. Everyone seems to want to have “Something” - American, as if being American isn’t good enough, we have been indoctrinated to seek out what makes us “Special” - Americans.

Perhaps if we concentrated just a bit more on being Good - Americans and quit with the labels we might be able to have another thing which has gone away in the age of digital - a reasoned conversation between Americans with differing view points. Two people having a conversation and passionately defending their point of view, not hiding behind a key board not defaulting to calling the other a racist, homophobe, zenophobe, pick a phobe just because the other has a different point of view. We have lost the ability to converse, this coming from a guy who has one word conversations. I offer for evidence of this trend the last time I went into a restaurant, my wife and I were the ONLY people in the entire restaurant that did not have their phones out texting or some such when there was a no $h!t for real human sitting across the table.

I’ll get off my keyboard box now.




Excellent post sir. Outstanding.

@Craig6 -> :+1: :ok_hand: :clap:

First, I’d like to recommend two books that address the issues being discussed. The 1st, Unplanned by Abby Johnson. She started out as a volunteer for Planned Parenthood, and worked her way up to an office Administrator, She became involved in the belief that they helped women obtain birth control and with health care. Her view of the agency begins to change after she helps a Doctor actually perform an abortion. She is now an anti-abortion activist. The 2nd book, Not On My Watch by Elizabeth Johnston, is a mother of seven who sees how many liberal positions are anti family and anti children. I have no problem with gay or LGBT people having rights until their rights walk over other people’s rights. An example of this the male trans-sexual competing in girls-womens sports and because of their body strengths breaking existing girls records and taking away the scholarships, and awards these girls have worked toward. Run your own separate events, use your unisex bathrooms, but don’t eliminate girls and women’s right to be separate. Guns are the same. I don’t expect people who don’t want to carry a gun, to be armed. But I don’t expect you to take away my right to defend myself or even defend you if necessary.


@NANCY8 Your case is well laid out

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