What distance do you set your target at (handgun)?

Any where from 2 feet to 100 yards. :us:

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I mostly use steel targets and their recomended minimum distance is 10 yards so that is where a lot of my practice takes place. But I also vary the distances with them out to 50 yards sometimes. I do also have a paper target holder for practicing arm length to 7 or so yards.


Unless it’s a specific drill, 20 yards for pistol, 100 yards for rifle.

3’,7’,21’ But fire at further distance, Bad guys don’t always run from those specified distances. Sometimes they are e closer

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0 - 15 EDC
3 - 200 AR pistol

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Most of myself defense drills are done at 5/7/10 yards. I start out at 5 yards progressed to 10 yards and then come back into five yards doing double and triple tab drills. After that the wind down I may move out to 20 yards just for grins.