What difference does a mag capacity have to do with it politicians


thinking to myself what does the difference in a mag size have to do with anything politicians!

Interested in your opinions please

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Reading the title of this I thought it was the beginning of a joke. :rofl: carry on


Same thing as “gun free zones”. It makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy, but at the same time gives criminals an advantage.


well kinda is lol

however im interested in what peoples views are or may be.

more than likely a short topic lol

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for real you got that right

especially in an over sensitive society

speaking of what you think about society getting to over sensitive? or is it just an excuse to push an agenda?


To be honest, this could be a very long discussion. Obviously the magazine size only applies to law-abiding citizens, just like gun modifications, etc. I do believe that it’s on the anti Second Amendment politician’s agenda as a stepping stone to eventually take away our right to own and carry our weapons.


agree thank you


I think we do no favors telling kids that everyone will accept them for who they are, everyone gets a trophy, etc. Reality is, not everyone will like you, you will lose in sports, maybe not even make the team, won’t necessarily get the job you always dreamed of.

Life isn’t always fair. The sooner they can learn that, and to accept that, the better off they’ll be. Instead, we have young adults finding it out the hard way. Kids in their 20’s possibly seeing failure for the first time, not getting their way and not knowing how to react. Showing up at job interviews looking like boneheads because they’ve been told that they should express their individuality and everyone should accept that. Well, reality is, that isn’t reality!

Personally, I think as long as people keep playing the victim, and society keeps making them out to be victims, they will continue to be victims their entire lives and will end up very unfortunate individuals.

This isn’t necessarily always appropriate, but I think more often than not nowadays, people need to be told to suck it the hell up and move on.


I think that when it comes to limiting magazine capacity, it is simply a case of political symbolism. Political symbols are laws or items that do not actually resolve any issue in particular (limiting magazine capacity has no effect on actual violent crime rates), but it does allow the politician to say “See, I’m helping, so vote for me!”. Symbols energize that particular politician’s base.


Absolutely it’s just political cannon fodder. The shooter in Parkland used 5 round mags. Here’s a good video demonstrating how mag capacity has very little effect on shooting “speed.”


WOW! So in essence, the experienced shooter could shoot 30 rounds with three different sized handgun magazines:


Those are seconds… So the time difference to use 6 round magazines and 15 round magazines is less than 5 seconds! Definitely not a reason to treat the 15 round magazines differently.

They also go into AR times. The Very Experienced guy shot faster with the reload (2 x 10 round magazines).

Definitely worth watching the video!


Capacity limits on magazines are simply symbolic moves. Anti-gunners know that going after magazines won’t really fix anything, but it is less likely to run afoul of the Second Amendment than going after the firearms themselves. Also, it is largely unsaid, but we all know that the anti-gunners don’t just want the magazines. Their endgame is ALWAYS to take all guns away from private citizens.

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