What color was the US Army fatigue uniform in 1940?

What color was the US Army fatigue uniform in 1940? I know.

Then why are you asking? :thinking:


Because he authors threads with inane questions and then trolls responses. In short, he’s a forum troll.


Who is the troll. Frankie?

Because I can.

Wasn’t it olive drab

No, it was not olive drab.

Was I close lol

Was a trick question. Khaki but that was summer uniform with olive drab being the winter

Nope, not even close.


U.S. Army basic service uniforms consisted of a winter service uniform of olive drab wool worn in temperate weather, and a summer service uniform of khaki (a shade of tan) cotton fabric worn in tropical weather.


Branch Color(s)
Officers (after 1940) Gold and black

1941 blue denim

Isn’t that like saying a 1970 car, in 1970, has a 1980 engine?

Nope, not for the fatigue uniform.

What color is the sky in your world?

Same color as yours ! Blue

And mike I seem to be the only one answering your question to expand my knowledge base. It wasn’t pink and greens