What card I need for Security Guard?

I work as a security guard; my question is do I need a regular license to transport weapons? Or do I need another type of license?

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Your employer should have that answer. :thinking:
You would need a CC Permit to transport a pistol openly to and from work and follow your States laws on transporting each type (rifle, pistol or shotgun) once you are on their property it’s up to your employer. BTW what state are you in.


What state?

What does your employer say?

What weapons?


In illinois, you would need a PERC card and a license through the Illinois Department of Professional and Financial Regulation, and of course a FOID card…



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-My employer says that I can use my weapon without problems, as long as the people who want to enter the private compound are inside or trying to enter the property.
-Glock 23 gen3

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Welcome to the family brother @Nicolas8 and glad to have you here. FYI I worked armed security in the state of VA and all we needed was an endorsement from the DCJS in VA. We didn’t need any type of card to transport weapons. But every state is different. The state of CA is strict so I would definitely do my own research, just ask questions and follow the state laws.




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I’m not a lawyer and CA laws are very tricky so I recommend doing your own research or better yet asking a lawyer.

But it is my understanding that when transporting a firearm in CA without a license it must be unloaded (no round in the chamber no mag in the mag well) and locked in a case. There is no legal requirement to have your loaded magazine locked in a separate case but many CA LEOs and prosecutors either don’t understand their own countless laws or intentionally don’t follow them. I have read of people being detained for having a loaded mag in the same case as the pistol. So many people in CA choose to keep the mags in a separate locked case.

On one of those follow the police shows once I even saw a CA LEO say that simply having a loaded mag was the same as having a loaded gun. So be aware that in places like CA that you can follow every one of their countless laws and still get arrested.

I don’t know if CA has any separate licensing options/requirements for security guards but it sounds like you are doing private security on private property with permission to carry from the property owner so licensing may not be required. Getting a regular carry license, if you can, would be a good idea for transport to and from work.

One thing to be aware of is that many self defense insurance policies don’t cover people who are working as security guards if they are involved in a self defense situation while working. Hopefully your employer would cover your legal fees if you ever have to defend yourself but I’m not sure you can count on that. Make sure you know all the laws involved with using a firearm for self defense in CA.

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Make sure you have all that in writing signed by your employer. :thinking: