What are your top 5 things to do while waiting in a blind?

I’ve had some new hog hunters this year and 2 new guys purchase deer leases.
The hog guys have never hunted (sat in a blind and waited) before.

They asked, “what do you do while waiting”?

Here are MY top 5 activities.
#5. Eat (small cooler with keto type foods)
#4. Sleep
#3. Text friends / do non work related emails
#2. Sit and stare enjoying the solitude and nature
And my #1 thing to do. Read the bible


1 Try to stay awake because whitetails are sneaky.
2 Eat
3 Watch the little creatures as they go about their business,
4 Scan for those sneaky deer.
5 Drink my Gatoraide so that I have an “emergency bottle”.


OMG, I forgot to list this one!
I’ll give it an honorable mention!!!


Watch for deer, keep your eyes open and keep your attention on the deer, deer are sneaky and like to play “hide and seek’” and “peek-a-boo”. And sometimes they like to blow at you from behind. :scream:
I usually bring a full box of Cheerios and eat on that all day, less #2.
I drink water and coffee and have a 3# coffee can for pee.
I don’t read or do anything but watch for deer, although I started to carry a camera because you see some cool stuff out there. :+1:


Brother @Fizbin if I did all the things you put on that list, with the exception of reading the Bible, I’m not there to hunt I would be there to relax. All would be a distraction, but eating on the other hand🤔 which I love to do will probably make noise and scare the hogs or dear away.


Watching birds, dillos, listening to coyotes calling, raccoons running around, bunny rabbits, yes all very therapeutic. Eating my lunchmeat/cheese rolls and eating peanuts, along with a some Diet Dr. Pepper, good times.

Hogs are stupid, they don’t really react to noise much, not like a deer.


Eat Jerky.
Drink Gatorade.
Reflect on life while enjoying the serenity of God’s creation.
I would read my Bible(phone app), but, that would distract me from listening and watching for deer.


1 enjoy the scenery.
2 pay attention…when least expected, animal presents.
3 relax, enjoy the experience.
4 learn to take pictures on cell phone.
5 enjoy all the wildlife… amazing world we live in.

BTW. Agreed. Hogs are stupid…and usually easy targets. Big problem in Texas. Need to be hunted.


wish I had gone to the bathroom one last time
freeze to death
think about how cheap the meat is in the grocery store
wonder why I am sitting in the dark

BTW… TX … javelina… My opinion BEST eating animal on earth. Love to fill my freezer with javelina

  1. Glass
  2. reflect and examine.
  3. give thanks
  4. talk with the Man
  5. try not to fidget. I hate sitting still!

Ohhh , your #5 about fidgeting… reminds me. I have a natural dry cough frequently, no not the wuhan thing, and if I ever even start just thinking about my throat closing in on me, for no reason , I start to dry cough a bit.

The deer love this early warning device.


Yesterday evening I welcomed probably the most unprepared pair of hunters I’ve ever had.

  1. Meeting arrival time was scheduled for 1600. They arrived at 1745, an hour and 45 minutes late. I waited around THAT long for them!
  2. When coming through the electronic entrance gate, they delayed and drove so slow the gate started to close and put a scratch down the side of their truck.
  3. They did not have hunting licenses as I mandated.
  4. Argued with me that TX law if you have the landowners consent you don’t need one. That’s correct, but I require it as 100% of the license fee stays with the Texas Department of Wildlife.
  5. Did not have ice for their cooler
  6. Had no magnification for their A/R’s just iron sights for night hunting at 100 yards
  7. Asked if they could shoot deer!!! No, out of season, no license. Told them there are game cams everywhere, if you shoot a deer it will be on camera and that’s a felony in TX.
  8. “If we shoot some can we call you to come field dress?” No, I’m not going to stop watching the Trump show to come and field dress your hog.

Wow, just, wow. Lol


I looked at the trail cams.
They departed at 2215, there were hogs at 2330. They missed the hogs by 45 minutes.
The night before and all subsequent nights there were hogs at 1830, since they were late they didn’t get into the blind until 1745, less than an hour before hogs come. ** They were not settled in and even if they didn’t leave the blind to go get something out of their truck or what not, they SCARED the hogs away **

The next evening as all evenings the photo below shows what it looks like every evening.

He wants a “Do over”, I think as a courtesy I’ll offer for him to come back out but this time he MUST have a hunting license for himself and son. That’s $75 each, I’ll take bets that I never hear from him again.


Never sat in a blind to hunt. Mostly stocked deer and elk. Sat in plenty DFPs and a few LP-OPs. Always checked limiting stakes. Sector map. Comms. Equipment. Always making improvements like adding more sand-bags, cleaning out grenade sumps (deeper is better) and adding fresh camoflage. Still plenty of time to think and pray. Crack some awful jokes and complain. Eating had its own hazards with grit in everything. Always had to force hydration. Wildlife consisted of scorpions, centipedes and an occasional snake. Better to be on patrol. The good old days…