What are you reading?

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Read the Harbinger 1 and now on to the Harbinger 2. Great reads that tie the bible into current events since 9/11 and the fall of America due to it’s shift away from God.

Also have a couple Dave Ramsey books to get through.

Nancy got me The Adventures of Lew and Charley series 1-8 from FUR-FISH-GAME magazine. :+1:

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Steel my Soldiers hearts By David Hackworth

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These days in our house it’s The Holy Bible, New International Version…a little each day. I’ve read it cover to cover twice before and have both masters and doctorates in theology, but it is literally amazing how relevant it is to the times in which we currently live.


Especially that last book. Seems like Revelation unfolding right before our eyes.


Also required reading here

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Mine is the CSB.

I am currently in the book of Ezekiel. The warnings God presented through him to Israel and the surrounding countries sound a lot like what’s happening here at home. Eerie.