What are the pros/cons/ of a closed emitter?

I am seeking information on the advantages and disadvantages of closed emitter red dot sights?


I would prefer closed simply because of durability and less dust and moisture. :slightly_smiling_face:

Open Vs. Enclosed Red Dot Optics — What’s the Deal? - The Mag Life (gunmagwarehouse.com)


Does anyone here currently run a closed emitter on their EDC?

advantages are its easier to clean and some claim its faster to pickup. Cons are size and weight. I personally am not a fan of the mailbox optics, but i have shot a few other peoples acro’s and they were fine optics. the “no moisture or dust” complaints are meh to me honestly, they all get dirty, they all get smudged, you will have to clean the lenses on all of them regularly. they all look weird when the lenses are wet. Open hoods are /more/ affected by the rain, but none of them particularly like when lenses are wet, whether its the objective lens, the emiter lense, or the second lense on a hooded one. At the end of the day its really more which you like better

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The only main difference that I have heard is that the clarity of the dot is better.