What are the knife carry laws in your state?

Yep, Mississippi has made good progress with the law I referenced. Once upon a time it couldn’t be concealed in whole or in part. A judge ruled a pistol suspended by a thong around the trigger guard was partially concealed. This in turn made everyone’s firearm partially concealed. Now that it’s fixed I hope the add other devices to be included with a CCP. Kinda funny I can conceal a pistol but not a switch blade.


Same in CA a blade is a felony but a firearm is a misdemeanor.


OMG OMG OMG what is WRONG with people’s brains?!?
At least they fixed it.


Yep, up till they fixed it there was no legal way to carry openly, even though I state Constitution said we can only regulated the conceal carry. It was a true problem.

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I 100% agree with being patient, respectful and persistent, unfortunately I can’t agree that you’ll win as too many times it goes the wrong way even thought it shouldn’t. That’s why I am a USCCA member. I’ve heard too many times when these situations go sideways and cost people a lot of money for their legal defense.


Good point that’s why we are members absolutely, the truth also is absolutely there are no guarantees. You’re a fool if you think you’re made of Teflon.

By winning the day I mean there’s absolutely nothing that is going to come out good when arguing with a cop. If there’s a chance you’re going for a ride, it’s going to happen.

In order to minimize the risk of incriminating yourself go with the program don’t say anything to a cop, once there’s blood in the water they get shark eyes and you’re done.

You then work hard at tearing them apart in court, which is slower than molasses in winter especially at the pace the court moves at.

Reminds me of the sloth in Zootopia


Wow @KenM really scary story. This is EXACTLY why we don’t live in California any more… our story involves outright lies both to the police by civilians and lies by the police in their reports as well. We had full tactical response of the SWAT unit and 5 felony charges… in a 3-strikes (felonies) is a life sentence state.
It was VERY expensive and eventually wound up as a misdemeanor… and only that because the cost of getting to a dismissal in money and time and stress was outside our reach. HUGE expenditure on the states part for no value… they prosecuted a law abiding citizen.
THIS is why we are done with CA. Too many officers who have all the cool tactical toys and are itching to use them. Too many in LEO supervision that encourage the “us or them” attitudes, look down on civilians, and will tolerate bold face and obvious lies by their officers. Too many prosecutors who care more about their score card than about either truth or justice. Too many “cowboys” in authority and not enough ethics.

Good for you for fighting this to not just a dismissal but an apology.

We weren’t so successful.
Maybe this is the persective: My husband returned from a tour in Vietnam as Special Forces without either psychological damage or permanent physical harm. He came out of his interaction with CA law enforcement with both permanent physical damage and nightmares that wake him up in a cold sweat.
Fighting in a very hands-on war was far less damaging in every way than dealing with the CA legal system and PD. That is a seriously pathetic and scary situation.


As many a cop will attest, if you are polite an cooperative you can often find yourself sent on your way with a smile.

What they’ll also tell you is that while you can’t talk your way out of a citation or arrest being combative but you can absolutely talk your way into one or both in a hurry.

Argue your case at the station with the ADA/ASA, or in court if you have to, not on the street.

If it looks like things are going south, immediately dial the USCCA emergency number and shut up.


To the bolded.

I’d say this is only partially true based on talking/corresponding with cops and DA’s all over the country now for several decades.

Be polite and cooperative and things will usually go your way if anything is gray. You can even educate the cop that misunderstands the statutes in doing so.

The second you get combative though you almost guarantee a much worse outcome than you’d have had by keeping your mouth shut from the start other than the standard, "Yes Sir/Ma’am, “No Sir Ma’am” or “I’m sorry Ma’am/Sir I didn’t realize it or made a mistake”.

You won’t argue your way out of a ticket or cuffs being combative but you absolutely can talk your way into them in a hurry.

Even the best of cops has limited patience and a career full of people lying to them and being abusive towards them.


I’m in California what does the laws say about knives in Cali?

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@Daniel37 here’s a site I use for reference on knives

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Can carry a machete concealed if you wanted to…

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