What a difference 19 years make!

In 2010 Fresno PD was excited to get Beretta Storms

Now they can’t wait to get rid of them

Worn out in less than 20 years of service.
How long do you expect your chosen CCW to last?
In the days of 1911s and S&W revolvers, 20 years were considered barely broken in.
In fairness the past 30 years have seen advancements in firearms training and more range time—lots more range time for LEOS.
I thought it might be interesting to discuss your long term firearms expectations. It might also be worth commenting of the desirability of police trade ins.


What 40S&W caliber LEO pistols are considered barely broken in at 20 years? There’s a retired S&W armorer on YT that talks about the old service revolvers he had to fix at the factory. He said some police departments required cleaning the S&W service revolvers every 20 rounds during some qualifications to ensure reliability… and I’m a S&W fan…

Additionally, my father loves the 1911, and carried one in the Army (APC driver). He was a marksman, but said the condition of those 1911’s were so rattley that you couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. He served in the 60’s.

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Reading the article, it looks more like shiny new toy syndrome. The pistols are not worn out.

  1. the pistols are aging, and they are paying money to get them refurbished, aka night sights.
  2. 9mm ammo is cheaper (and the new standard, again), so it will cost less for the department.

I saw nothing in there that they were worn out, failing, etc. I probably spend far more time shooting on the range than most LEO’s do. Heck, a lot of us here probably do. I also happen to run a PX4 9mm… which has digested an untold number of rounds (I got it well used, and I have put 5k on it last year in a few months).


I probably shot the same one in the 80s, if your hand was shaking you wouldn’t sneak up on anyone. :wink:

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IIRC, “shiny new toy syndrome” was one of the criticisms mentioned in response to the acting Chief’s request

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I agree with the other comments about them just wanting new 9mm pistols. I have been shooting a .40 S&W PX4 Storm Compact for 5+ years and have not seen any issues or excessive wear.

The main issue seem to be with the triggers, according to the acting Chief.
That’s a big issue.

FPD is dealing with the logistics of maintaining several hundred firearms, carried, fired and cleaned by officers who should be, but may not be, conscientious about their issue weapons, so this doesn’t speak about the reliability of the model Beretta but rather the logistics of buying, keeping and maintain a hand gun, and perhaps what the CCW holder might expect service-wise and useful life.

Everyone else has addressed the Beretta aspect so I’ll speak to the last part of the post. As for the long term expectations for my own guns, I see them as prized possessions to be passed to future generations for their continued use, and hopefully to remain prized possessions if only for the memories attached to them. As for the desirability of police trade-ins, I love my circa 1972 K frame long barrel .38, which I was told was formerly a LE service weapon by the godfather who passed it on to me. It’s a great gun and in very good condition and working order, so my only experience with police trade-ins has been the good kind.