We're not alone in our foolishness

It is my considered opinion that we are doomed.


If the Press stops quoting clearly mentally disturbed people (see photo above), everyone will start feeling much better.


“Discrimination of all kinds would be lessened,” she said.

Yeah, except for that discrimination against men that she’s proposing.

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You really need to understand where she is coming from, the Baroness.

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Ha ha ha, I like that metaphor.
Historically, it’s probably fair to say that most civilizations are perpetually circling the drain. It takes a lot of effort to keep circling. Letting down our guard even briefly can move us in a smaller orbit that we can’t pull away from. And civilizations that get far enough from the drain will think that they’re safe, and won’t even realize the danger until they skip the whirlpool and fall down the drain.

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