Well Now, Now our .gov is trying to kill our Border Patrol w/ Lollipop's!

Staff members raised concerns about Dr. Eastman’s request for the potent narcotics, as reported by NBC. Dr. Eastman justified his actions by stating that it was his duty to prioritize the well-being of injured CBP agents and that the lollipops were intended for critical pain relief situations.

The whistleblowers said in the report that “Eastman spent copious hours of his and Office of the Chief Medical Officer staff time directing the OCMO staff to urgently help him procure fentanyl lollipops, a Schedule II narcotic, so that he could bring them on the CBP Air and Marine Operations helicopter on which he would be a passenger in New York City.”

“Dr. Eastman claims that his possession of fentanyl lollipops was necessary in case a CBP operator might be injured, or in case the CBP Air and Marine Operations team encountered a patient in need.”

Dr. Alexander Eastman Behold! The modern day " Joseph Mengele"!
“What Evil lurks in the hearts of Men?”----The Shadow (.gov)

Where We Go 1 We Go All
Stay Frosty


@Don102 Wow! Seriously? Well Dr. Eastman “Better call SAUL”, he’s got connections! :rofl: (Breaking Bad). :laughing: Dr,FeelGood for Border Patrol, Probably has connections with the Cartel. And it’s always about “Fentanyl” of all things, it just raises red flags.


I dunno, might not be that bad, I could probably use a couple after a day of dealing with the people I work with everyday…


Cato from the gym might have a hookup. :wink:


Sounds like he’s an addict.


And/or maybe a pedophile luring kids to his and his colleagues hotel rooms and drugging them while on their government business travels?

Can’t see any remotely legitimate justifications for his request or anyone fulfilling his request. Everyone involved should be immediately fired and brought up on drug possession and distribution charges.


“It’s for the CHILDREN!” For GOD’S sakes!
Hey lil Tomas c’mere, want a Lollipop? Mmmmmmmmmmmmm
Thud! Note to Cartel head: Lighten up on dosage dammit!’
(I wonder if you can still use the Adrenochrome from their little spines
after they’ve been dosed to death?) ’ Let’s give it to Hunter, He’ll try anything!’
'70’s-'80’s in NYC ----We use to call folks that would take ANYTHING to get high
GARBAGE PAILES —Hunter is a Classic GP.


Sounds like dr eastman, should eat a hollow point lollipop!!!