Welcome to the Community! Please Introduce Yourself

Happy snowy Monday from West Bend, WI! I hope you’re all safe and sound from the crazy weather over the last week!

Please help me welcome the newest people who’ve visited the USCCA Community:

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If you’re new and would like to introduce yourself, we’d love to hear about you! If you’re more private or shy, no worries! Keep visiting the Community for the awesome knowledge here and you’ll find a great group of welcoming people to talk with about all things self-defense… and a few off topic threads. :wink:

If you need anything from me, please message me or tag me in the comment (@dawn).

Stay safe everyone! Glad to have you all here!


Thank you for the warm welcome!


Thanks for the nice message. I love in Tennessee and an retired police officer from Florida. Worked one year here in Tennessee collegedale Poloce force then retired. Became a wedding and event videographer for seventeen years. Not doing too many wedding anymore, just a few now and then. But love the work.
I just recently acquired my CCW license like any other citizen. But continued knowledge of weapons and use of them in a civilian outlook is welcoming. I will look forward to future communications with you.
Thank you and have a great year.



Thank you for your dedication to being a police officer as well as the service you provided!

God bless you & we are glad you are here as well!


Thank you and may you continue in your journey of law. Good luck


Thank you :pray:. Dawn. Take care and enjoy your day.



Thank you! It means a lot!!

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Hi all. Found my way here after a friend recommended USCCA. Looks like a great training/insurance/safety program and I hope to gain insight on some trends, guns, tactics, etc. I’m a retired Air Force firefighter, now a civil service firefighter and I’ve been shooting one type of gun or another since I was a kid. My wife and I both carry (have the spouse insurance rider) and have for 10 years or so. Glock 19’s, S&W MP9C, Ruger revolvers are our carry guns with the Glock and S&W getting the lion’s share.


Welcome to the USCCA Family and the Online Community, @Assistantchief!

Thank you for your service! Did you know we have a Veterans rate for the USCCA Membership? If you aren’t getting that rate, let me know and I’ll square it away for you.

Please invite your wife here as well! The more the merrier!


Hey, Dawn,

I found it a bit difficult to navigate…but then I’m an old guy.

I’ll be back and try it again.



Max Dolan

Sanford, NC
(910) 709-2142

Help Change the World, one person at a time.


@JiminAZ Welcome to the community, brother. I spent some time at Luke, AFB. Lived out on Jack Rabbit Trail. Keep the faith,


@Michael803 Welcome to the community, Michael. We have descent folks onboard and plenty of information available. If you don’t see what your looking for, just start a new thread. Keep the faith brother,