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Hello @MarkSoCal in Southern CA welcome to the community


I am Gary Jackson, a US Army Veteran Officer, USCCA Instructor and Counselor, a graduate of the FBI Citizens Academy, NRA Instructor, an Attorney, a Law of Self Defense Instructor, a professional golfer, and finally the owner of Waterfountains.com, Inc., an international sculpture company. I have founded the American Firearms College recently and have a Federal Firearms License. I am now essentially in retirement from many of the things that I do, but always available for consultation and discussion. You can reach me most times at my email, jackson@shotsfired.pro


Hello. My name is Bob and I live in Illinois. I’ve been interested in guns from a very young age, but never really had one until Obama got elected. at that point I figured it was time to actually exercise my 2nd Amendment rights and bought a Ruger 10/22. I also agree with the poster who said that it is really more of a responsibility. When CC FINALLY became available I decided it was time to take that plunge and have had my license for about 5 years now. I found out about the USCCA from my CC instructor and was a “lurker” (getting Into the Fray and other information) for quite some time before I actually joined. I do carry almost everywhere I go, and feel very vulnerable when I have to leave my pistol in the car (or whatever…).


Welcome @MrBagworm from a fellow Illinoisan.

Hi my name is Bruce. My wife Nancy and I are new members. I started shooting at 5 years old and haven’t slowed down yet. I even remember when the NRA came to my school and taught marksmanship with pellet guns. I have hunted, fished and trapped all my life. I lived most of my life in Da UP of Michigan and moved to WI. after I met Nancy. I joined the MiANG at age 24 and stayed for 20 years. I was on an all volunteer Search and Rescue Team for 15 years and a Volunteer Fireman for 6 years in between. I am currently employed as a Corrections Officer for the last 16 years, I have worked for and with Law Enforcement since 1996. It is a pleasure to meet and talk with everyone. I will get Nancy to post soon.

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Hi, To all of the Veterans thank each and everyone of you for your service. I am retired from the USMC I miss the camaraderie with my fellow Brothers and Sisters. There is nothing like putting your life in your Brothers hands and his in yours it’s a bond that will never be broken. Thank you USCCA for a great program that allows those of us to carry without worrying what will happen if we ever have to use deadly force.
I wish everyone a wonderful Veterans Day,
MgySgt Shirel USMC MARSOC Raider Battalion

Thanks for the welcome.

Hi everyone, I’m Scott Harper. I was previously in law enforcement, now a pastor and principal, still use some of the training and skills to protect the flock. Proud father of 11 and grand-papi to 3.

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:flushed: That’s an entire practice squad.

Greetings! :blush:

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Hey everyone. Joe Faletra here from St Augustine Florida (for the time being anyway!) . I have been an NRA instructor for many years and decided to go for the USCCA certifications because I took a class (It’s always smart to continue training) and I loved the program so Much I just received my USCCA Training Counselor certification and Defensive Shooting Level I instructor certifications.

Happy to help anyone out there including instructors.

Stay safe & Train Hard!


Joe Faletra

Hey ya’ll.

Where to start? I joined USCCA in 2011 first for the financial protection which led to the training and education opportunities and now a big family room discussion area. I shoot cowboy action matches at least once a month which gives me the opportunity after the match to send a few rounds down range from my carry gun which at the moment is an M&P Shield in 9mm. I followed a few other discussions about down sizing over the years and yes I’ve gone from a 1911 to .40 and now I favor a 9mm. Not so much for reduced recoil but now there are effective loads for the 9mm. This has all happened over the 20 something years that I have been licensed to carry here in Texas. I look forward to sharing thoughts with you.

Hello from Texas. I’ve had my CHL since 2012 and have had the pleasure of introducing people who’ve never held a gun to shooting. I’m an Air Force vet and Assistant Fire Chief in the DoD.

Hello again @Dawn! Nice to have met you earlier, and also it’s a great joy to be here and surrounded by folks of the same like mind. I’m sure we differ on some topics, but just please remember one thing: I am always right, but in knowing this I definitely give other people the benefit of the doubt if their views don’t line up with my Facts :ok_hand::slightly_smiling_face:

Seriously, it’s great to know all of you. I’m in the Atlanta GA area, so where my ATLiens at?? Whoop Whoop!!

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Hi, I’m Nancy and I just joined USCCA because as they say, better safe than sorry. I’m a former Deputy Sheriff, State Investigator and County Department Administrator. Now luckily, I’m retired. My first date with my husband (Bruce 26) was to a gun range. Since then he has broadened my gun skills and I obtained my concealed carry license. We live in a small town in Wisconsin so relatively safe, but now we’re armed, and feeling more secure. Nice to meet like minded people and share ideas.


Happy Tuesday Everyone - Sorry I’m a bit late with the welcome this week!

Here are the awesome people who came into the Community this last week - please make them feel at home when you see them!

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I’m so glad to have you all here! Please let me know if you need anything!

Hello community!!! I’m grateful and honored to be part of this family.

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Hey everybody I recently got my foid and my first handgun Taurus G3 I’m all about safety and defense I do plan on getting my CCL, I just want to protect my family and my amazing 3yr old son, thank you for the welcome in here to stay. Feels good to be apart of something big


Welcome to The Community !
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Thank you, and you got it.


Hi Kenneth46 !
I have people buy a Blue Gun (or any color) that is the replica of the gun they carry.
They can practice drawing or concealing it. Since the Blue Gun is inert it gives a person the chance to see how it feels and where to carry it.
My first Blue Gun was a Walther PPS and it has proved very useful for training and checking holster fit etc.


Welcome to the Community Victor

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