Welcome to the Community! Please Introduce Yourself

Hello, I am Marcy Jankovich of Jackson, MI - co-leader of our Well Armed Woman chapter, NRA, TWAW and MCRGO Instructor and partner in Michigan Combat Dynamix.


Thanks for the welcome. I live in Austin, TX, have 3 children, a 20 year old, a 16 year old, and a 2 year old! I am a USCCA Instructor, looking forward to becoming a USCCA Training Counselor, and make my living in the real estate industry writing courses, teaching, and training real estate professionals and consulting for folks who run real estate companies.

I am passionate about protecting my constitutional rights and protecting my family. I love teaching and training and have been married for 27 years.

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Hello from northeast MS. I’ve been a USCCA member for a couple of years now. I’ve been in the community for a few weeks now, decided to say hello. Life member of NRA, I have my enhanced ccw permit and help with our church security team. Glad to be a member of the community.

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Welcome Mike! I have a Trijicon RM07 on my Glock 19 Gen 5 MOS and love it. If I were to do it again, I would go with the smaller dot on the RM06. I sent my regular Glock 19 Gen 5 off to get the slide cut and bought a Holosun 507C to put on it when it returns.

Recently rethinking my approach to the 12 guage. Looking at combo tactical light lazer units…

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Hello, I’m Keanon, retired law enforcement officer of 27yrs


Thanks for the welcome. My name is Derrick and I am a firefighter in the City of Philadelphia.

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Jump on in, ask questions and share your experience! :smiley:


Glad to have you all apart of the community of family!

Hello Dawn and USCCA Community,

Thank you. This is Gary Kohtala in Radcliff, Kentucky, in the shadow of Fort Knox and Elizabethtown. I am retired Army and Boeing. Finally settled down in a place that has a decent cost of living for those of us on a fixed income. Now that I have a bit of time on my hands I intend to catch up. I’ve enrolled in a USCCA Course here in Kentucky in order to qualify for a CCDW Permit, despite the fact that we can now concealed carry without one. I appreciate your warm welcome. Thanks again.

Best regards,

Gary Kohtala

Any chance we can get an update on the CA Red flag law? My understanding is Newsom just pushed through some amendments to include employers, coworkers and teachers.

Hi I’m Bob Wilkie. I’ve been in CA since 1986 and still trying to find the exit. It’s like one of those scary escape rooms. I served as an Army MP from the mid 80s to early 90s. I trained dogs for the feds in CA from early to mid 90s. I was a Police Officer in two different CA cities from mid 90s to 2017. I’ve been a Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations since 2011. I’ve been teaching firearms safety and marksmanship for Dobbs Firearm Training in Solano County, CA since 2016. I hope to virtually meet and share ideas and experiences with many of you.

Someone asked about our governor passing a red flag law. Sadly Gov Newsom signed several new bills into law all at once last Friday. He made it a media presentation and included most of the state legislative authors of the bills. There were a couple related to various aspects of “gun violence restraining orders” which increased their authorized duration up to five years and the groups of people allowed to apply for them.

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Hello, I am a disabled vet with very stong convictions regarding our second amendment. Looking forward to joining in and sharing thoughts etc. with all.



Gov. Newsom did sign AB 61 into law. According to the text it goes into effect 9/1/2020.


He also signed numerous gun bills into law:

One of these laws pertains to concealed carry permits. The new law “requires any local authority issuing concealed firearm licenses to charge an applicant a fee sufficient to cover the reasonable costs of processing, issuing and enforcement of the license, and eliminates the existing $100 limit on processing fees for concealed firearm licenses.”

Trying to price us out of concealed carry!